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Which exercise move will help me lose my stomach fat quickly?

I have allot of fat around my stomach and I would like to know which exercise will help me to get rid of my stomach fat as quickly as possible. It has to be safe exercise. No diet pills or anything like that.

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3 Responses to “Which exercise move will help me lose my stomach fat quickly?”

  1. Koko said :

    Cant wait for this answer, same thing with my boyfriend.

  2. D D said :

    Your diet is the best, and easiest way to lose fat. Going the exercise route you’re likely to give up as everyone expects short term results. Many, if not most people give up their exercise routine before seeing any real results because they feel discouraged.

    My suggestion (again), is changing your diet. I don’t mean going on a diet, because once you’re done a “diet,” you end up right back where you started (overweight).

    Anyway, start researching how to eat healthy; if you want to lose weight the first things I’d cut out are starchy vegetables (potatoes, tubers). Also ease up on grains.

    On a last note, you cannot lose weight in one specific area – it simply does not work that way. If you start losing fat, it will be more or less from your body as a whole, not in only one area.

    Good luck.

  3. Katrina R said :

    You can’t target fat loss on a specific part of your body, your body only loses weight as a whole. That means that in order for you to lose that fat you’ll have to diet and exercise. There are no specific exercises that will “burn off” fat on a specific part of your body, for the reason that I just said. Exercises that are targeted at specific parts of your body are simply for building muscle, nothing else. The only way to get rid of your stomach fat is to lose weight through diet and exercise. Just a warning, if you do decide to do crunches or any other ab targeted exercise then you will only build muscle and it would make your stomach look bigger. The reason for this is because your muscles develop beneath the layer of fat, so the stomach has to stick out more in order to be able to hold both the fat and the muscle. I’m sure you don’t want that.

    The way to diet is to eat less calories than your daily recommended caloric intake, let’s say that for you your daily recommended caloric intake is 2000, instead of 2000 you could consume 1500 a day. At this rate, with diet alone you would lose 1 pound a week. Now if you were to add in exercise, specifically cardio because cardio is what burns calories, and you burned 500 calories at the gym everyday, then you would lose 2 pounds a week.


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