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What is The most effective exercise for overall weightloss?

Walking, Jogging, Skipping Rope or Bike Riding. These are my options. Whats the best for daily exercise?

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12 Responses to “What is The most effective exercise for overall weightloss?”

  1. Betta said :

    All of the above. As long as you are breathing fast, increase your heart rate (at a healthy rate) and sweat, you will burn fat. Alternate if you can’t choose. They all sound like fun.

  2. Valerie said :

    I’d say walking!!!

  3. rich said :

    walk,walk,walk. do 2 to 4 -15 min. miles. walking is easy on the joints. walk outside not on treadmills! meet your neighbors and take time to think about stuff.

  4. ScoutsWife said :

    depends on your metabolisim, and endurance. I find walking the best, because I don’t have the endurance for the others.

  5. hottie said :

    read tips on some great workouts on this site

  6. willhemina31 said :

    Walking and biking. Jogging and running gets hard on your knees.

  7. g_cpromise said :

    The one that you will do!

  8. Ginkgo said :

    This site has the ones and why.

  9. neo_doc said :

    Any form of Exercise is good for health as long as you are burning calories. But evidence shows that jogging, skipping , running and bike riding are all associated with joint problems in the long run . Especially if you do it on a uneven surface (outdoors etc) .

    Brisk walking is shown to have less stress on your joints and I think is the best form of exercise. And also Brisk walking for 20-30 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week has shown to actually reduce cholesterol and improve mortality from heart disease or coronary artery disease equivalent.

    and an interesting fact. If you walk for 30 minutes a day you would loose around 200 calories. and if you reduce you food intake by another 300 calories a day. ( that is equal to 6 cokes)..and if you do this for 7 days in a week. You would loose ONE pound wt in that week !

  10. billu said :

    i would have said swimming. but then again cycling is good or walking while keeping your breathing fast also does you good.

  11. hbbeth said :

    Do each for a week so your body doesn’t get used to any one method. But whatever you do, have fun! That way you don’t get bored and quit! 🙂

  12. Forscythe said :

    Im amazed by the lack of informed people here.

    Swimming, Jump Roping and Running are most effective. Don’t count in loosing much weight walking. As for running its only useful while your doing it. When you run your body burns more calories and keeps on burning them for the next 24 hours.

    Running is highly advised. Make sure you stretch out and dont overdo it as you start out.

    Good luck!


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