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What is the most effective stroke for fat loss in swimming?

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5 Responses to “What is the most effective stroke for fat loss in swimming?”

  1. Lovekiwi N said :

    I would have to say butter fly it is a hard stroke and it takes lots of energy which= burning caloires and it also buiilds mussel

    but I would do all four of them for the greatest results

  2. Alex said :

    yes butterfly is the best to lose weight if you’re able to do it the whole time . so considering that swim like one lap butterfly for every 2 laps free or back and that would probably be the best way to lose weight effectively

  3. runnett said :

    The least efficient stroke will be the most effective for cardio and calorie burning. Freestyle (i.e. crawl) and back stroke are quite streamlining and efficient. Butterfly and Breast stroke take more effort and are less efficient. If you are unsure of Butterfly, go for breast stroke.

  4. I <3 All Time Low said :

    I recently lost ten pounds from swimming.
    Basically any stroke but breaststroke will slim you down.
    But I would do all of the strokes. they all work different sections of your body.
    thats what i did 🙂
    I hope i help!

  5. great ideas said :

    Swimming is the best idea to became fit because it is consider the best form of exercise. Well any stroke will be the best because your burning fats on that activity. Good Luck!


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