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What weight loss pills are most effective?

Im looking for some opinions on weight loss pills.
What weight loss pills work the best, the fastest, and the most effective?

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7 Responses to “What weight loss pills are most effective?”

  1. Mr. Dan said :


  2. Yazzoo said :


  3. Jack said :

    I am SERIOUS do NOT buy weight loss pills. Do NOT go on some diet as they do not work. A lot of people have found this guide helpful(you can find it through the site in my source) and it has helped them to lose weight WITHOUT dieting. I know it will help you too and without pills!

  4. Stuart said :

    I am using Broma Cleanse it looks good for me. one of my relative also used it and get good results for abt 5 months. i feel it is effective

  5. ellen said :

    Thermo Phen Phen works the best for me. It will kill your appetite while also giving you more energy. Great product for losing weight fast.

  6. KylePT said :

    I would say go with some all natural diet pills. No side effects! I used a new all natural fruit one called Certified Maqui. it includes only the highest grade Maqui powder available anywhere on the planet. The Certified Maqui Network has exclusive contracts with growers of Maqui berries all over world. They are brought direct to you. Certified Maqui is a powerful cleansing formula that helps you to lose weight and feel great all day long. Certified Maqui will help you to rid your body of unwanted waste and prevent future build up from occurring. Along with its amazing cleansing properties are the amazing anti-oxidant properties of the Maqui berry. Certified Maqui is America’s #1 Anti-oxidant cleansing formula! It works really well especially if you combine exercise with it. check out this FREE trial here.

  7. Ghagh said :

    There is no such kind of pills, Because they will surely have some side effect, if you still want to loose try some ayur ones.


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