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What is the most effective QUICK fat loss diet?

Im tired of being fat, and i just need a daily diet that works for a long time, so i can lose this fat. plz help. a website with a free diet program wuld work. thnks

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3 Responses to “What is the most effective QUICK fat loss diet?”

  1. Seema R said :

    If you are serious about losing weight, the calories in the food you eat should be less than the energy you use. You will have to increase your metabolic rate , and plan your diet carefully. Formulate your own weight loss plan and you will lose weight faster. More details available at

  2. clicked said :

    First, you must know how fat lost work.
    When you don’t have enough fuel to burn from calories, your body will start to burn from your stored fat. So once in a while, you should let yourself feel hungry too.

    Few tips that doesn’t involve cost or much effort:

    a) Incorporate lemon juice into ur daily water intake. A few drops to a glass of water. You’ll see amazing results.

    b) Start cutting half of your meals. In two weeks, you’ll be able to notice your tummy will go flatter.

    c) When choose for food, avoid those oily type, if possible.

    d) It’s okie if you break one of the rules above, just tell yourself you will balance it back the next meal.

    e) With the simple steps above, not only you will lose fat, but at the end of the day, you’ll feel good too.

    I will see these as simple + easy to follow. Unlike those who requires you to take extra effort + time.

  3. gittin2lkgooooood said :

    I use to weigh in at 223 lbs. i now weigh 148 lbs.The way I lost my weight was I would eat a pink grapefruit at least5 days a week in the morning or latenight snack. Salad at least 3-4 times a week for lunch or dinner. Drink diet pop.Use artificial sweetener, and cut way back on your starches(bread, pasta, chips,potatoes)and deep fried foods. Eat alot more veggies and fruits)


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