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Are there any fat loss tips most people don’t know about?

What are they?
Yeah,yeah I know I might steal your answer, but I already know to exercise, drink water, take diet pills blah blah blah. Just save you’re time and DON’T tell me those things

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thanks in advance!!

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3 Responses to “Are there any fat loss tips most people don’t know about?”

  1. AKA said :

    Sit in the sauna everyday.
    Go vegen and cut out sugar.
    Only eat green beans and celery- super fast weight loss for those who need to lose a fast 10lbs.

  2. Sai2301 said :

    Dealing with excess body fat is NOT a quick fix at all!you must totally change your lifesyle to lose it and stay slim for good. One must calorie shift meals healthily and do cardio & toning workouts 4-6 days weekly for life,although a cheat meal or 2 weekly wont hurt!remember that its forever anytime harder to stay at a healthy low weight rather than losing weight.

  3. megtrose said :

    Yeah, eat fat. Sounds ridiculous, but fat in our food is a key component to helping us feel satisfied without overeating. When we take fat out, we end up adding in other ingredients that will either stimulate our appetite, or won’t satiate us enough to stop eating. And the ingredients processed items use to replace fats can cause more damage than good. The key is just to avoid trans fats. You can now even get butter and mayonnaise made with olive oil, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I use them all of the time now. Also, don’t restrict your calories too much if you are exercising regularly. Your body will go into starvation mode and you will either not lose weight, or you will gain weight when you do eat because your body is trying to store food away. Most diets end up failing because they are too restrictive. You just need to be realistic about what you eat. I use to track all of my meals and it has helped me get a better grasp on what things that I am eating may be a bigger problem than I had thought. Good Luck


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