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Honestly Most Effective Way To Lose Fat Quickly?

What is it, I don’t want to be one of those people who deprive themselves of food to lose weight, I am prepared to work vigorously I just need to know the most effective exercise to lose weight.

SO what is it??

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2 Responses to “Honestly Most Effective Way To Lose Fat Quickly?”

  1. Mich said :

    Butcher knife. Unfortunately, you also lose a lot of skin and blood that way.

  2. Rose . said :

    hi dear
    just follow these simple tips to shed extra pounds from your weight
    – take balanced diet
    – take 5 meals in the day
    – add fruits and vegetables in your meals
    – zip your lips for fried and fast foods
    – avoid colas and sweets
    – drink more water and fresh juice
    – do regular workout, yoga or brisk walk
    – think positive and keep smiling
    good luck



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