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What exercise helps you lose the most weight fastest?

i dont want to turn my fat into muscle(weight lifting) but i want to lose weight fast and be slim…what is the best exercise that targets every part of your body to lose fat??

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7 Responses to “What exercise helps you lose the most weight fastest?”

  1. Carlos Mia said :

    Running via interval training… I have lost inches everywhere

  2. friedsocialworker said :

    running everday with light weight lifting I believe will help you lose the weight the fastest.

  3. fany6cool said :

    sit ups, or 45 min. of running…helps alot im going to try that =]

  4. shekilledhannah said :

    Muscle is more metabolically active – it burns more calories than fat, even while you are at rest. Alternate cardio with weight training. You can’t target a specific part of your body, weight loss will happen all over very gradually and you will lose fat from random parts of your body at different times.
    If you are a woman, you don’t need to worry about being too bulky – your body is not built to look like a man’s, you won’t have GIANT muscles.

  5. Sophie S said :

    The best way to loose weight fast is to obviously lower the amount of food you eat in a day, and no snacking if so eat fruit and to exercise by sit ups and they tone your stmach but not into mussle. Gradually build up doing sit ups as doing to many sit up can casue bad stomach mussles start with 10 the first day then build it up to 20 the second day…etc… then no more then 50 a day. Exercising before dinner is also a good way as you will not gain weigh from eating your dinner

  6. wizebloke said :

    chest deep in water … walk or jog while swinging your arms …

    it effects most muscle groups

  7. Ace said :

    Cardio (jumping jacks, jump rope, jogging, etc.) activities that keep the heart pumping. I usually pop in a cardio dvd and do a 20-30 min. workout.


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