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What are the benifits of stopping smoking?

What are the benifits of stopping smoking? I think that if I can understand this it will help me in my struggle to stop.

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4 Responses to “What are the benifits of stopping smoking?”

  1. Analog_Ana said :

    depending on your age etc .. some cell and tissue regeneration

    most importantly in your lungs, and elasticity of your skin

    … oh and i’ve seen people die of COPD … it’s one of the worst ways to die, you can imagine … you gasp for air 24/7 until you are dead … sometimes for years nonstop

  2. Smithy said :


  3. coldfirefxs said :

    struggle is the right word, I have tried to quit several times, its not easy, but when you finally do,the benefits from it are great, like better sense of smell and taste, increased sex drive, you lungs start to heal the damage done to them, your hair and clothes dont smell like an ashtray(or your mouth, which is great for that whole increase in sex drive 😉 ) there a tons of benefits, just search the web.

  4. Lixo said :

    You can check out this site

    and read for yourself the benefits.
    They’re a bunch of stories/testimonials on how people quit smoking.


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