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Stopping Smoking. Crazy Side Effects?

Im 25, and this is the 3rd time I have stopped smoking. I stopped when I was 18 until I was 24, then started January 09, and stopped in May 09. I then started in November 09 and stopping again now.

But its coming up to the 24 hour mark now. No cigarette for a whole day. The 1 noticeable side effect is anger. I am really snappy. Something little can throw me into an argument with the girlfriend.

I got up this morning, had an argument with the girlfriend jumped on the push bike in anger and cycled as fast and as hard as my legs and body would go. And this is the problem. I feel like I have so much energy it’s unreal.

I’m sitting on the laptop now, and it feels as if I just want to get up and run until I can’t run no more. I’m scared about running so soon in case I injure myself.

What should I do. I feel if I am out of the house and active I not only feel better but the cravings go away.
I couldnt take it any longer! The agitation was doing my head in. So I jumped on the bike and did a harsh 5 mile bike ride.

Feel absolutely shattered. But I feel better in myself.

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3 Responses to “Stopping Smoking. Crazy Side Effects?”

  1. Eura *spat out Plath & Pinter* said :

    Well then go running or to the gym. Or get a niccotine patch or gum, or one of those niccotine inhalers that makes you feel like you’re smoking.

  2. Mike said :

    Agitation does come with the package of quiting. Keeping busy physically and mentally will help loads. I went through what you are going through. Fortunately the work I do is very physical and when at home I got out and socialized and did a lot of reading. Whenever there is a craving, just say I don’t need it, then find something to do. I quit for good, best of luck to you. Just noticed what the other person posted. Avoid the nicotine all together. Your body will adjust and in time you will be able to ignroe that rotten garbage.

  3. MeAgain said :

    Follow your gut instincts and get out of the house for awhile. If you feel it’s to soon to run than go out for a fast walk.

    I think feeling snappy is normal for awhile, so do whatever it takes to get rid of that.

    This feeling isn’t going to last forever just do what you need to do until you are over this part.


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