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What would be some solutions to stopping students from smoking?


Thanks! 😀

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9 Responses to “What would be some solutions to stopping students from smoking?”

  1. Q said :

    Take them to an autopsy of a smokers lung.

  2. boysxlie said :

    I think they should market cigs with no nicotine in them and then not tell anyone. Half the addiction is psychological, so if people believe they are getting there fix, they will be fine.

  3. peanut said :

    there arnt any

    students know its bad for them just as well as adults know its bad
    they smoke because they want to
    they dont care about the damage

    those leaflets/posters that go up in coleges and schools are just laughed at

    i dont smoke but have friends who do

  4. King Hippo said :


  5. Bailey W said :

    Well, you can start by giving them chewing gum. Then, research and print some information on the death rates and many other diseases caused by smoking, so that you can give them a good scare.

  6. yammee said :

    Take them on a visit to the local lung cancer ward.If that doesnt do it,theres no hope for them

  7. Prime Time said :

    Most of teens these days know it’s bad. There’s commercials almost everyday on tv and allover the internet so all you can do is advise them and hopefully they will realize it’s bad for them and quit.

  8. metaphoricwolf said :

    To the person who said to take the nicotine out, have you ever actually tried that? I did to get a friend to stop smoking and it failed horribly. They know when they are getting their fix or not. The only people I have seen stop smoking are those that are concerned about being there for someone.

  9. Mary said :

    Have them meet someone who has COPD and on oxygen who smoked as a kid. They are extremely powerful.


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