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Stopping a Guest from Smoking inside My home?

We have a friend Staying in our guest room untill he gets back on his feet and then finds a place to rent. He smokes in the guest room, we have told him not too under any circumstances and he apologised and said he wouldn’t anymore. I have come home on different occasions and the guest room has obviously been smoked in. We have confronted him numerous times about it.

We have young children in our home. And the smell it leaves in the carpets and furniture is left for almost forever, not too mention numerous other reasons one should not smoke in other peple homes.

He has no where else to go and we don’t want to have to kick him out onto the streets, but this needs to stop. Any ideas?
yeah. haveaname i’ve got continuous problems lol. Just recently found yahoo answers and thought i’d put whats been bothering me out there!.. and maybe have a bit of a grumble..finally… Nothing wrong with that! lol

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13 Responses to “Stopping a Guest from Smoking inside My home?”

  1. sharkgirl said :

    Tell him if he continues to smoke in the room he will have to pitch a tent in the back yard. Install a smoke detector in the room

  2. ladybugewa said :

    If your friend can’t be bothered to step outside to smoke, he doesn’t respect your house, your wishes, or… frankly… YOU.
    I’m a smoker myself, and I would never do that. And ESPECIALLY, in a house with children. Where does he think he is, a frat house? If he doesn’t heed your wishes, kick him out without delay. He doesn’t deserve your sympathy.

  3. Wetdreamdiver said :

    Very easy. You tell him the rules of the house, much the same as you would a child or teenager that was staying as a gesture:
    “Under NO circumstances are you to smoke in this house. Any infringement on this rule will subject you to immediate departure and the friendship will suffer as a result.” The end. Don’t bargain, don’t get nasty and don’t beg or plead. Just state your case and drop it.

  4. LongSnapper said :

    Sounds to me like he doesn’t repect you or the efforts you put forth.

    If you do kick him out after repeated requests (demands) to stop smoking, who’s fault is that?

    I don’t necessarily look upon this individual as a friend, if that is the kind of behaviour he displays.

  5. haveanameeamanaevah said :

    Boy you got problems this week don’t ya? Are you sure you’re not one of those grumbling types????

    Anyway, sometimes you let them make the decision for you by telling him firmly, that if you smoke in the room again, you have to leave in 24 hours, ok?. Get him to agree, (he has too, right?)

    So, when he does break it, he made his own consequences and you are guilt free to let him go.

  6. luvblis said :

    Honey, you’re the boss, so stand your ground. If he cant respect your goodwill to him, then he has got to go. Be firm, I would threaten (& do it if needed) to screw up the pack and throw them outside or flush the cigs.
    How hard is it to go outside?
    It is especially bad for children as breathing the smoke can burn up their vitamin c levels, which can make children suspectible to breathing problems or SIDS
    Stand your ground, dont let any jerk walk over you. If you find it hard to do this, take Evening Primrose oil with Fish oil and dont eat yeast bread, as doing this will make you a stronger person.
    Plus Olive leaf extract will help to destroy the fungus that comes from the yeast in bread / beer.
    I would give my kids extra vitamin C.
    and burn a candle to get rid of the smell

  7. Cysteine said :

    It’s bad enough that he continues to disrespect you in your own house, but he needs to hurt your kids health as well? Sounds like this guy has no place to go for good reasons.
    kick him out now. No threats. No conversation. Tell him he has 1 hour to pack his stuff.

  8. Sam said :

    Your kids’ welfare is more important than his laziness/comfort. Tell him that you find his behavior disrespectful, especially since you are doing him such a big kindness, and that you will need him to leave if this does not stop immediately. Tell him that he is welcome to smoke on your back porch (or wherever is appropriate), but he is never to smoke in your house again.

    And if he does smoke inside again, then you do need to tell him to leave. You don’t OWE him anything; he owes you everything, and that everything should start with basic politeness!

  9. schulzeqt said :

    I mean this in the kindest way, but you need to get a backbone.
    You need to sit down, talk eye to eye. Make sure you have his undivided attention.
    Explain, that you’re happy you can help him out in his time of need, but the rules set down are not being met.
    Let him know how strongly you feel about the smell, not to mention the damage to your carpeting, drapes and furniture.
    You have children to protect, that is YOUR job,
    Maybe he could go outside to smoke. Many people only allow smoking outside, or in the garage.
    But most important, This is YOUR HOME!!! and you are doing him a favor. If he can’t abide by this simple rule, maybe you should rethink the invitation that you extended.
    Again, Why should your children breathe in second hand smoke because he too lazy, or disrespectful to take it outside.
    You are a good family member,but he’s not doing the same in return.
    Talk to him again, make sure he is hearing you. If nothing changes, you need to do the right thing by your children.

  10. dances_with_unicorns1955 said :

    Explain to this person that he’s getting free living space from you, and that he needs to obey the rules of the house. Show him an area OUTSIDE where he CAN smoke. Otherwise, explain to him that you’ll start charging him for his room (and board, if applicable), and that you’ll be billing him for the damage to your carpet, linens, furniture, paint, etc. If he can’t obey the rules, explain that you will be happy to take him to a shelter, and then change the locks on your house. The only way someone like this can take advantage of you is if you LET him – it’s time for a little tough love.

  11. K T said :

    Simple! Do’nt ask him to stop,cos,he wont. – Got a garden or back yard? Politely but firmly tell him to smoke there and if he does’nt, he knows the consequences.

  12. mobildik said :

    Since you have told him on more than one occasion and he continues to smoke, its because your threats are only threats. He knows he can smoke, apologize and you wont ‘kick him out”.
    You and spouse must simply tell him that he is not welcome anymoe and to start looking for a new place to stay. In addition, tell him that if it happens again, you will help him pack and put his clothes outside. The health of the entire family is at risk.

  13. exbuilder said :

    You are doing your friend a huge favor by letting him stay with you. The least he could do is follow your household rules. If he refuses, you have every right to question the sincerety of his friendship. If it were me, I would have no problem showing him the door and I would not feel a bit guilty.

    Good luck with your problem.


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