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Can I be pregnant or can I be having withdrawls from stopping smoking?

I stopped smoking but i have been feeling nasue and bloated and i know i am suppose to get my period next week. What could it be? Should i take a ept test?

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11 Responses to “Can I be pregnant or can I be having withdrawls from stopping smoking?”

  1. mramirez1283 said :


  2. Idontcare about carbon emission said :

    you can be both, depends what kind of person you are.

    you probably shouldnt have a baby anyway if youre still experiencing withdrawal symptoms. the fact that you still are means youve recently “quit” which means very little because most smokers who have recently “quit” light up when they get stressed out. all we need is another baby born to a smoking mother, and tax money to try and support a “special” kid at public schools. first quit, and if youve gone a very long time without smoking, then have a kid.

  3. Julie said :

    take a ept test if you want, what could it heart? But it may be from smoking. If your a long time smoker your symptoms could be from that.

  4. Eleanor Roosevelt said :

    it depends on whether or not you were having unprotected sex.

  5. angiemedic56 said :

    I suggest taking a few different pregnancy tests, using different brands. It’s the best way to get a clear answer with home tests.

  6. redhot_911 said :

    pms ……lol…..its sucks …. and just to be safe and sure test

  7. udontremember said :

    It is possible that your cigarette has knocked you up. I have heard of this before, and it is troublesome. You should stick to the same name-brand cigarettes, and avoid smoking other types. It should help with the withdralws and such. Try to stay on your feet as much as possible.

  8. sailzar said :

    techinically you dont really get withdrawls from smoking 99% of it is in your head!! take a preg test

  9. physcomonkeyman said :

    no, you cannot Get pregnant from stopping smoking

  10. memelalou said :

    if your period is not due till next week a pregnacy test will come up negetive even if you are pregnant wait untill the day your period has due, some can tell up to four days early although they may not be accurate {only like 57%} after your peiod is due and the pregnany hormones rise, which the test detects. good luck

  11. manda d said :

    get a test


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