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Is having an increased appetite normal while stopping smoking?

Ok it’s day 2 for me without a cigg. i feel like I’m doing pretty well but I have noticed that I have been eating a lot more. Is it a normal part of quitting or is it just me trying to compensate for the hand-to-mouth action that i would normally do while smoking.
yeah, i’m really begining to consider buying a box of pencils! LOL

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8 Responses to “Is having an increased appetite normal while stopping smoking?”

  1. kay_flood said :

    it’s just compensation, suggest you get some sugarless candies and gum and use those instead of eating.

  2. justme said :

    It is normal for both to occur. You are used to the hand to mouth action and that is why you are eating more. I would suggest getting some hard candy or gum when you start getting restless. Congrtulations on quitting smoking, good luck

  3. Lyn said :

    Over eating is a normal reaction to quitting smoking. I took up walking instead to compensate for the food cravings and it worked for me. Good luck.

  4. wayfaroutthere said :

    It’s a little of both. Nicotine supresses the appetite, and you have this habit of putting things in your mouth.

    I’d suggest sugarless candy or a box of pencils to chew on.

  5. Jimmy d. - Floridian~`` said :

    Most people say it causes them to eat more… however it could be the need for something to replace smoking. Try a placebo… a fake cigarette, even a lolly pop or tooth pick, might help!
    Congrats and good luck!

  6. violinner said :

    This is not only normal, but expected. AA meetings are full of cigarette addicts. Cigarette quitters are commonly over eaters. You have blocked the behavior but not the addiction. Nicotine does not hook everyone. It takes something else for which the drug makes more tolerable. If you can find and forgive that pain that got you hooked on smoking in the first place, you would have an easier time kicking the habit.

    Both the physical addiction to nicotine and the underlying pain are really really hard to heal. I hope you have the help and support of friends on your unenviable next few weeks.


  7. Beltainefox said :

    Like the others have said, it’s because of the hand to mouth action. It is totally normal! Definitely get something to help with that like sugarless lollipops, they seem to satisfy the oral fixation issue. And if you don’t want to do that, snacking is fine, just make sure you’re snacking on the right foods. I quit a few years ago and was always snacking on baby carrot sticks, or cucumbers and fruits to make sure I wasn’t going to gain any weight.

  8. Diana K said :

    Congrats! on your not smoking! Keep up the good work! I know how hard it is but you can do it! Any way yes this all is the norm. Eating more happens because you may be replacing that “hand to mouth” habit like you stated. Also the metabolism slows down when you stop smoking so you need to work a little harder to keep the weight gain away. A person who does not smoke can do fine doing say 10 push ups or 1mile walk but when a smoker stops the cigs then 20 push ups and 2 miles are needed to get the same results. You seem to notice when you are eating a little more than normal and that is good that you are aware. A great thing to use for hand to mouth habit is peppered beef jerky. This was told to me by a 40 year smoker who stopped cold turkey and has not started back. The pepper helps with that flavor you may crave and the jerky keeps the mouth busy and it will not make you put on the pounds.( In moderation ) Keep it up and good for you! You will do great. Remember there are many websites that are there to help you with the support many need when they quit but you sound to be very determined and ready to do this. Take Care you ex smoker you! Ya!


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