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Is it normal to cough after stopping smoking?

I’m 34 and healthy but in Nov. I started smoking about 12-20 cigarettes per day for the first time. I quit last week and have no cravings but did have serious headaches from the withdraw and now I’m coughing alot , is this normal?..thank you

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7 Responses to “Is it normal to cough after stopping smoking?”

  1. Mary F said:

    Yes, I actually coughed more the first few weeks after I quit than I did when I smoked! It should go away within a few weeks. Congrats on quitting! Stick with it!

  2. Shootmeinthebuttwithanarrow said:

    Yes, you were breathing in heavy tar smoke. You might also have a bug of some sort that’s non-related. But give it a few weeks and it should go away. Then again, I’m no physician so you may want to go get it checked out if its very persistant.

  3. nicca90 said:

    good job!! i hope you keep it up but yea it is normal because all of that stuff from the smoking can finally come up out of your throat now instead of getting covered with more..

  4. beatleslady26 said:

    Yes, I had the same thing when I quit. I think my coughing started on day four and lasted for about 10 days. Since then it’s been pretty much smooth sailing. The only time I get cravings is when I have alcohol. Congrats on your quitting. You will ultimately feel so much healthier. 🙂

  5. Bobo said:

    You will be okay. I quit after many years. I had some bouts of coughing, it all went away after a short while. It is a proof an
    scientific fact the chemicals of smoking are completely out of your system after only 6 hours. The rest is totally psychologically. Lungs now and then are ridding of particulars which may cause coughing, the headaches are another matter, most likely it is psychological or due to something else. Maybe see your doctor to be sure.

  6. George Kendall said:

    It’s normal, BUT I suggest you support your effort with herbal treatments like:

    Very helpful.

  7. ♥bigmamma♥ said:

    I guess you already have your answer…yes, but wanted to say congratulations!! Way to go!!! Good job!!! Bravo!!! Proud of you!!! Keep it up!!! 🙂


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