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After stopping smoking did your taste-buds change?

The biggest thing I noticed was the flavour of garlic.

It has a metallic taste to it and as I never ate garlic before i smoked, i never really knew the real flavour of garlic.

I also have to tone down my flavours and use less of most herbs.

What differences in taste did you notice?

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7 Responses to “After stopping smoking did your taste-buds change?”

  1. Weatherman said:

    You’re taste buds haven’t changed.

    They are just not coated with the crap from tobacco so are actually working to their full extent.

  2. samirah r said:

    no they dont but they will stop cracing the the drug

  3. missingora said:

    I haven’t killed the habit but people who have say they can taste many more flavors in food. By the way, congratulations!

  4. nwest1999 said:

    I actually started using more spices on my food and have tried lots of things I didn’t used to like and now I like them. Mostly vegetables. I think garlic is a little different for me, too, but it’s not too bad.

  5. heart o' gold said:

    Tobacco smoke causes changes in the tissue it contacts and will definately impact your sense of smell, which impacts your sense of taste. It’s been so long since I quit that I’ve forgotten any sensory changes … but I notice that smokers around me cannot smell very well – and they tend to not smell very good either! Congratuatlions on quitting and keep it up!

  6. five4us said:

    They say that is true. You will actually start tasting things again.

  7. dramma73 said:

    It;s not that your taste buds have changed, it’s the fact that your tongue and mouth are not coated with the tobacco crap anymore and you can actually smell again. Wiith your sense of smell returning, then your sense of taste actually works again too. Many foods actually tasted like they were supposed to taste after I quit. Congrats and keep on quitting.


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