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when will i feel better after stopping smoking?

I was a very heavy smoker for over 40 years but feel rotten when will it be better?

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2 Responses to “when will i feel better after stopping smoking?”

  1. Ashleyday said :

    it will take a little bit ur body needs to take its time to recover

  2. Memere RN/BA said :

    Me too. I smoked for 40+ yrs…but I quit. You will feel so much better that there is no comparison. When you’ve smoked as long as we have, you forget what taking a deep breath really feels like. I mean, you can fill your lungs, but when not smoking, you really fill your lungs with good air and if feels like it goes deep down. Food taste better because you’re not burning them and filling your taste buds with nicotine. You’ll find yourself cutting back on coffee because for some reason, they’ve always gone together. You are in the same boat I was in. Now, you have to get out of that boat and join the living and breathing. If you want to know how I did it, let me know. I hope you quit. I’m so happy now and I feel free, Cigarettes are a bondage. we become slaves to them and they have that hold on us. In order to quit, you have to be committed and really want to. So when you’re ready, I’ll be here. Blessings. Oh, my mistake, it looks like you already quit is that it? Well, yes, that rotten feeling does go away.


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