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How long does it take before the craving for cigarettes has stopped after stopping smoking?

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6 Responses to “How long does it take before the craving for cigarettes has stopped after stopping smoking?”

  1. essentiallysolo said :

    the physical withdrawal is over after a week, the craving can take a lot longer. I quit years ago, and every once in a while I STILL crave a smoke. Get used to it, and don’t give in.

  2. NavyLifer said :

    Physiologically speaking, your body is free of nicotine after 72 hours. That is your body doesn’t need it after that, the psychological urge…you may never get over that.

  3. kathy s said :

    The temptation is always there but gets weaker. There are moments though, like when you go to a bar or have a cup of coffee in the a.m. or finish a meal. Wherever you most enjoyed a smokey treat.

  4. stoppo said :

    Depends on how enthusiastic you are about quitting . If you think you are going to miss it , you’ll get cravings ,if not you won’t

  5. tuvaq said :

    A very long time, unfortunately.

    While the nicotine has left your body after a few days, it takes your body a lot longer to get used to its absence. Once your body has completely adjusted to being smoke-free, you still get cravings every now and then. I haven’t smoked in over two years, but I still get a craving a few times a month.

  6. Kami Mayweather said :

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