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Why is stopping smoking so damn hard?

I recovered from heroin and crack cocaine addiction a few years ago. One day I just decided to stop and go cold turkey (It was getting far too expensive). I suffered minor withdrawal, restlessness and cravings which seeing as I was a very heavy user, I considered lucky. Recently I decided to give up smoking too. Seeing as I stopped using hard drugs relatively easily, I thought stopping smoking would be a breeze. How wrong I was. The cravings are driving me insane, and even when not craving, the urge to just light up out of habit is so intense. So far I have not managed to stop as I still have to have a few puffs of a cigarette now and again to kill these insane cravings. I have not yet tried nicotine replacement treatments, and am wondering if it would be worth doing so. There’s something about beating it without help that would make it more meaningful in my mind though. Any quitters out there that can offer me some useful advice and also why it is so hard when other addictions have been easy for me to quit?

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6 Responses to “Why is stopping smoking so damn hard?”

  1. Tofu Fool said :

    nicotine is addictive
    where do you get your crack

  2. NeoNerd said :

    It’s the habit more than the nicotine addiction that’s hard to beat. When I smoked, I only did it when drinking. I still get a strong craving to light up when I’m drinking.

    Don’t bother with the nicotine replacement – 80% of people who quit do it without. I did. Not easy, but it gets better.

  3. The Naked Troll said :

    Failed quitter here… Although the longest I managed to go without nicotine was about a year. Went back to it when I had a drink! Nicotine replacements are good and bad. They are good because you can wean yourself off nicotine, but it also makes the whole process longer and you are still feeding your habit. As if you were smoking brown rather than shooting it and thinking that it means you haven’t had any. When I did make it a year I had to use nicotine patches (cutting them down in size to reduce the intake gradually over two weeks), nicotine gum (using less as I needed less), nicotine inhaler (to replace the motion and nicotine), a ‘willpower’ type tape (by Deepak Chopra, even though I normally hate new age type rubbish) and a hell of a lot of actual willpower. One problem was that having no tobacco would affect my smoking weed because I hate bongs and pipes, and smoking pure just isn’t the same.

  4. G'hound said :

    It’s always hard with nicotine because it is incredibily addictive and comfort giving over such a long period of time. Nicotine patches helped me and so did people saying how nice it was now that awful stale stink was going out of my clothes and hair etc. Could I have quit without patches? Yes, but it would have been easier to slip back.

  5. Kat said :

    Omg! I am glad I saw this question! I seriously just quit smoking cigs like a week ago because of my new e-nic! Also called e-cigarettes , e-cigs , exc…google these, because I smoked for a decade and a half, then once I got my e-nic, I could not stand the other cigs! I would suggest you try the 510 models. They are more the regular size. Totally Wicked has them and so does joycig.
    here is a website:

    and another place:

    The reason why this is so successful for a lot of people is that you inhale and blow out vapor. This vapor looks like smoke when blown out, and when inhaled, it gives you that throat hit that cigs give. There are also different strengths of nicotine that you can choose from, and tons of amazing flavors! Tell everyone too! I’m serious! This could save lives! And this is not spam… I seriously quit pain free because of e-nics! 😀

  6. warmsnotontoast said :

    I also was an addict. Crack, nicotine and alchohol. I’ve been free for 4+ years now. The cigarettes was the last to go, same as you. One Sunday I was in church and due to a great service and invitation to receive the Holy Spirit, I went to the alter. One of the deacons placed his hand on my head and we prayed. A voice in my head said, “If you want Holy, You have to be Holy, Clean your temple. I knew it meant quitting all my habits. I smoked for 23 years and considered it a big hurdle to quit. So I asked God’s help. He took it and flicked it away as it were a tiny thing, no withdrawel, no craving. I associated cigarette addiction to evil and began hating it as evil. Free for 4+ years!


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