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Stopping smoking, throat irritation?

I’ve been weening myself off of cigarettes for a while. Finally, the other day I decided to try stopping completely. After smoking about 3 during that night, a larger amount than usual, I went to bed having quit. When I woke up the next day, however, my throat was irritated. It’s been about 3 days since that night out and the pain has completely left me, but I still feel an excess of mucus in my throat accompanied by some slight inflammation. Is this the result of me having smoked more than usual and then suddenly stopping

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2 Responses to “Stopping smoking, throat irritation?”

  1. sheetal said :

    yes my dear friend this is the result of excessive smoking. you can for surely try helping yourself to feel better. carry a bottle of luke warm water and keep hydrating your throat frequently. avoid too hot or cold beverages at the moment. try not talking excessively and avoid screaming. gargle with luke warm water and salt in it. this would help you.

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