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Losing weight and getting fit?

I’ve recently left college to join the army, so I’m free all days what exercises should i be doing and when throughout the day?. thank you! sorta wanting a fitness plan

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4 Responses to “Losing weight and getting fit?”

  1. ♫♥ musiicluva♥♫ said :

    you should go to the closest gym to you and they can
    assess you and give you a personalised fitness plan.
    you can even tell them particular aims or parts of they body
    you’d like to target and they can give you specific exercises to do.
    it’s REALLY worth it, trust me, no internet plan will come anywhere close.
    another good thing is that if you have a gym pretty close to you, you could
    run/walk/cycle to and from the gym to get even more exercise.

  2. Curtis said :

    Find a plan that works Aerobically meaning you are using as much oxygen as you are getting. You can hold conversation during this work. It will strengthen your heart and make it more efficient. that means you’ll pump more blood with less beats lengthening your lifespan and making anything you do in the future less stressful and easier for you than it would be for most. Also the amount of blood you have will increase by quite a bit allowing for fast active transport of nutrients and quick mental ability and focus. Anaerobic exercise will have strength training effects and is still good but make sure your top priority is Aerobic. P90X is a great program. So is Insanity. Both of these are BeachBody Products. Good luck 🙂

  3. dwb_mc said :

    i agree with #2

  4. Audrey said :

    Best way is combining diet and exercise. By this way you burn more calories than you intake.
    You should drink lots of water and stay away from fat-sugar-sweet-fastfoods.
    Eat 5 small meals including snacks. Snacking with nuts,fruit or yogurt because this make you feel not hungry so you dont eat much in meals. I am not saying you to eat lot with 5 meals, I say eat often but less. In fact the main point on weight loss is not how much we eat in a day, the main point is how healthy meals we eat and how much calorie we consume
    You should drink green tea(this is really important because green tea speeds metabolism and so you burn more calories- 2-3 cups of green tea in a day is really necessary)
    Here is a sample diet plan that works perfectly:
    Breakfast: a piece of cheese,slices of tomatoes, 4 5 olives,2 egg whites and green tea or milk
    Snack with nuts
    Lunch: Salad
    Snack with fruits or yogurt
    Dinner: Grilled chicken/fish and boiled vegetables or salad
    By exercising you make all your body work and so burn calories. There are many good exercise programs that you can do easily at home. I dont like go gym so I use the most recommended one at home and very happy with it.
    Good luck:)


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