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Which is the best activity for losing weight?

I would like to tone myself up a bit, im not severely overweight would just like to lose a few pounds. Which is the best way to tone mainly my tum bum and thighs? Without actually losing too much of my breasts. I would prefer to do activities such as swimming, or jogging etc but you can also suggest exercises if you think they are best.

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4 Responses to “Which is the best activity for losing weight?”

  1. Ms. GTO- 110 octane! said :

    You cannot spot reduce- you can lose fat all over by modifying your diet and doing more cardiovascular exercise. You should also build muscle through strength training because muscle increases your metabolism.

  2. jester said :

    Juggling chainsaws badely….?

  3. idledriver said :

    Aerobic exercise will be the best, that is exercise that keeps the heart and lungs working hard continually so jogging, cycling, swimming, circuit training are all good, jogging is good but is heavy impact which can mean sore joints as well as any other parts not firmly held down! cycling and swimming are both non impact so are kinder to the joints aswell as exercising most major muscles in the body.
    Try to aim for at least 30 minutes of non stop movement each session.
    Of course weight loss and a good diet go hand in hand so have a look where changes could be made in your eating habits (there’s no point in sweating your way through a workout only to neck a couple of cream cakes afterwards!) …oh and make sure your doctor agrees with your plan.
    Good luck

  4. AviB said :

    Well there are so many exercises that have nothing to do with dumbells and stuff. They are outdoor activities that are actually also workouts. Here is an article that list a few…




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