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What type of exercises are the best for losing weight?

ohhh and also does skipping help to lose weight?

thanks x

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14 Responses to “What type of exercises are the best for losing weight?”

  1. Tazz 0 said :

    All you got to do is this realli go to the gym go to the treadmill n cycles n rowing machines. All do boxing on the boxing bags.
    Yes skipping does help u lose weight
    n also do weight training light weight it burns fat girl

    good luck x

  2. parkfieldnr16 said :

    Jogging is good because it burns calories and makes you sweat=lose weight.

  3. L-Boogie said :

    Skipping is a great exercise. You use your arms, legs and your core. You also get your heart rate up.
    There is not really a magic exercise that will do everything for you. You need a good mix of cardio and strength training. Cardio will burn the fat, toning will also help you burn some fat, just in a different way.
    Make sure you mix up your routine. You never want your body to get used to anything. Keep it guessing.
    Good luck!

  4. Becca Baybee <3 said :

    yes skipping helps lose weight.
    dancing can also help to.
    jogging just around helps to
    eating healthy helps and all they excersises dosnt even cost money =] inless you go to classes hehe
    good luck =]

  5. Cath W said :

    Hi. Anything that you can raise/ elavate your heartbeat to, for 20 minutes or more will give you calorie burn.

    If your not a gym lover… try cycling…. or even cleaning!

    Sex is also a good un to calorie burn and make you feel good about yourself… but remember you must have heartstoppingly elavated heart beat for a MINIMUM of 20mins.

    Skipping is very good!!! a little boring maybe, but will help the calorie burn.


  6. old-bag said :

    any exercise helps with a good balanced diet plenty of water try walking to work or cycle or if that’s to far go jogging its free(good trainers are a good idea) and its lovely to see that world out there birds singing and all that

  7. braich_gal said :

    Cardio…and drink lots of water…and yes, skipping helps!!

  8. dee said :

    walking and jogging. esp power walking will shift weight and tone up in no time

  9. Hans B said :

    The best way to lose weight, is to change your lifestyle.
    Take the stairs, don’t eat candy or drink sodas, go for a walk instead of watching tv and definetely go for a walk first thing in the morning or right after dinner. Give yourself one special day a week to eat a desert and make it as sinful as you wish, but only on one day a week.
    These simple changes, will change your life, and you’ll look and feel great. Good luck.
    If you really want to try to lose weight by just exercising though, swimming is your best bet.

  10. karmatroll05 said :

    As for the best to lose weight is anything cardio: jogging, power walking, anything that will get your heartrate going.

  11. Stanmanly said :

    i would say walking/powerwalking is the best idea – i do it quite a lot and it keeps me in shape – i think skipping elps too as it keeps your heart rate going. good luck x

  12. stuffitudork said :

    every morning before you have breakfast drink 3-4 spoonfull of vinegar in a bottle put vinager with orange skin

  13. Emily said :

    I suggest going out for a walk or maybe even jogging or running. And an answer to the other question, if you skip alot, you will probably lose weight

  14. aloneagainagain said :

    Any really, I’ve taken up cycling recently, do about 8-10 miles five days a week then swim on the weekend and have noticed that I’m toning up loads, have lost weight as well but the toning is great :o).

    Skipping is excellent for losing weight as well.


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