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Is it normal to be losing some weight while pregnant?

My wife is 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant and she has been noticing that she has been losing a bit a weight 1-2 or 3 pounds, shes been vomiting a lot lately I think shes one of those who happen to be over-vomiting is this normal for her to suddenly be losing weight?

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10 Responses to “Is it normal to be losing some weight while pregnant?”

  1. Jessica said :

    Yes its completely normal especially if she is sick! I lost 10 pounds before I finally gained my weight! And my baby ended up 9 lbs and healthy as a horse! No worries!

  2. ~C~ said :

    yes because she is vomiting a lot.

  3. Nicole said :

    If she is sick all the time it is only natural that she is losing a bit of weight. She should talk to her doctor and make sure she’s not losing too much. Slight weight lose in early pregnancy is normal.

  4. laurie said :

    so far i have lost 22pounds and im 15weeks. the doctors and midwives aren’t concerned and said that its just something that happened to some women. as long as she is eating healthy and is still a healthy weight then its nothing to worry about she will more than likely put the weight back on later on in the pregnancy.

  5. Baby boy due Nov 19! said :

    If she is suffering with severe sickness and isn’t able to keep much food down, yes, it is very possible. If it comes to the point where she is dehydrated and can’t function in normal every day life, she may need to be put on something along the lines of zofran. If she is worried, she should see her doctor.

  6. Alyssa's mommy said :

    If your wife was 102 lbs when she got pregnant and she is losing 2-3 lbs a week she needs to see the doctor for medicine to help her keep food down. If your wife was 150+ when she got pregnant its just fine. In a normal low risk pregnancy the doctors generally don’t care if you lose weight the first trimester if you had extra weight on you to start with. The underweight women are a different story.

  7. Sara said :

    Yes it is normal. I lost a few pounds in the beginning as well.

  8. Olivia said :

    yes, its common during the first trimester when she’s always sick. if you suspect anything could be wrong, call her doctor, she may have something that requires medicine (i forgot what it was called).

  9. ஐSillyஐ Due 3/17/2010 said :

    Um ya I lost 16 pound because I stopped eating sweets and couldn’t keep down food.

  10. lupinesidhe said :

    With my three year old, I lost 15 pounds in about a week. But that was because I got gall stones and my doc put me on a special diet. Losing weight this early in pregnancy is not only normal but expected. As long as she’s communicating all of this with her doc and her doc says she’s healthy, she’ll be just fine.


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