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I want to lose my fat and get ripped?

I am overweight. 6 foot tall, 205 pounds, and i jiggle when I run, jump, and all that. 😉 I’m doing P90x on and off, because it’s extremely hard for me to stay committed!!! I dont know why, but I did it nonstop for the first week and then it kinda fell apart and I started eating bad again.. I guesss its because Maybe I wasnt seeing instant results, and i know thats not gonna happen but I just lose motivation easily. I wana get ripped, So is it bad to incorporate running in with my p90x? should I be running long distance? Short sprinting intervals? Biking? Idk just give me a guide or your opinion/answer on how to lose FAT fast, and Im open to suggestions! 😀 and also how to stay motivated please! I really want to change my body, im tired of being fat.. Im 14 btw and play football, basketball, and track.. idk if that helps at all

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5 Responses to “I want to lose my fat and get ripped?”

  1. Andrew said :

    Just do p90x its a great program in it self you dont need to change it at all. There is no LOSE FAT FAST method. Healthy fat loss is 1-2 pounds a week. It takes a long time to put on the fat, it takes a long time to take it off. Motivation is looking in the mirror with a picture of someone you want to look like, and say I WILL LOOK LIKE THAT every damn day.

  2. Mari said :

    1) Talk to a dietitian and an athletic coach
    2) Drink as much water as you can and go to the bathroom a lot
    3) It takes 21 days to form a habit, so try to keep with this for 21 days, not just a week
    4) Think positively of yourself. Before you go to bed think about how you want to look. Mental visualization is key.
    5) Give yourself a break. Losing fat isn’t easy so just try your hardest and commit yourself.

  3. Ase said :

    •Way too many factors involved to make that kind of determination. It would be different for each person.
    Everybody is affected and grows differently than everyone else.

    •If you control to your oil, sugar less as u Cando then possibility are bright for your weight reduce.
    To reduce weight. Check this site for use full information.


  4. arch0049 said :

    Ok… here is my story. Last April (2009) I was 233.5 lbs. I decided to lose the weight. So, by August I had lost nearly 50lbs. How? I started eating healthier and running. What you do is this… find the healthy foods you enjoy most. And STOCK UP ON THEM. Thats right I love green apples, fiber one bars, wheat bread and baked beans. Sure, I eat other foods, but those are the staples of my diet. Running. Don’t overkill yourself. Start small and build overtime. Last April I couldnt do a mile nonstop. Pretty sad for a 28 year old former college football player!!! So, I started running for 60 seconds and walking for 30 second. Within a few months I was up to 3 miles non stop. Now, I have gained back 15 lbs from the 50 I lost. But, its all muscles. Once I got rid of the fat, I started lifting heavy weights. I eat a lot of lean protein (meat, fish, protein shakes) and I drink lots of water to keep my muscles hydrated and ready.

    Good luck.

    Scratch the P90x and Insanity. Its a waste of $$$. Just about any workout plan works… if you do it! Remember Tae-Bo and all those other fads. Thats all they are FADS!!!


  5. dan39 said :

    ok personally man im still in high school so i dont know if my storys the greats but here i go. well i was always not that tall so i did have a weight problem. so what i did was join the wrestling team at school and work out at first its hard but after a while your going to like the feeling and like how you feel after words and ust eat healthy eat fruit and eat 6 times a day small meals and water. last thing is when you pee make sure its clear because that means your cleaning your body out and your staying hydrated


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