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is it true that walking is better then running if you want to lose weight fast?

i read an article that said walking gives you faster results than running when it comes to losing this true?

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9 Responses to “is it true that walking is better then running if you want to lose weight fast?”

  1. Mr. Angry said :

    not at all, its the opposite

    running burns faaaar more calories than walking

    and the more cals u burn = the more fat loss u will have

  2. Jeremy said :

    Um, i think you might have misheard it, because it doesn’t really make sense. Running (obviously) requires more energy than walking, thus jogging for the same length of time as you would be walking you’d expect jogging to lose weight faster. If your traveling a set distance however, walking could possibly make you lose weight faster (due to longer time in the sun, muscle movements etc…) depending on your metabolism, but i highly doubt it. You’d be better off jogging than running. However, what it might have meant that if you’re so fat you can only run for 30 seconds, it would be better to walk for an hour than give up jogging after 30 seconds. Catch my drift?

    In short: You will lose fat faster jogging than you would walking.

  3. summers_here said :

    this seems backwards to me because running burns more calories than just walking, but the article may be talking about some new ways to walk, like with weights?

  4. silverbullet said :

    Not true. Its all about the miles. More miles = more calories burned. Just another pop culture myth.

    Sounds like something you’d see in Prevention magazine written to make their subscribers (old, fat, out-of-shape) feel good about themselves. The nugget of truth in the myth is that walking and running burn a similar number of calories per mile unless you’re really hammering.

    There aren’t enough hours in the day to lose weight fast by walking.

  5. Ivy Veleno said :

    well walking is less stress on the joints and theres less chance of injury

    and walking is also a lot easier to do for a long time
    it’s not too strenuous on the body, but it still gets those lymph nodes pumping

    i personally agree, ive seen more results after walking around the whole day as opposed to killing myself trying to run a mile every night

  6. ArtemiC 123 said :

    No it is not u see with walking u burn calories slower
    With running and jocking u burn about 10 calories a minute and even more if u run a lot and include it into ur exercise habits and in your daily programme..
    With walking you may loose only 50 calories an hour more if u are lucky but the calories you burn with walking depend on the speed the road meter a lot of things so with walking you may burn 50 calories an hour but they may be 100 too…
    Walking is really good exercise though and running also
    try to do both use ur car less
    Oh and an also really good exercise is cycling…
    So try to go to work on feet or with your bicycle
    and you won’t only burn a lot of calories but you will also help environment!

  7. Brandon W said :

    unless your heart rate goes upto 130-150 while walking, no. ( would be unhealthy anyways….) a heart rate between 130 and 150 is the best range for buring fat and you can lose alot of calories like that and as others have said it also requires more energy and uses more muscles. you’d burn 50 cals walking for an hour and 600-800 running at a decent pace.

  8. Patrick M said :

    The answer is MAYBE.

    Running and other high intensity activities burn more calories – YIPPEE. Sounds good! BUT, it also causes a more dramatic drop in your blood sugar, which makes you hungrier. OH NOES!!! So, it burns more, but then you have to be more diligent on your eating.

    I’ve been more successful on lower activities, (small amounts of strength training) because I find it’s easier to control my eating. When you do high intensity cardio, you need to replenish your bodies energy so you can do it again the next day.

    I wouldn’t really say walking is a great option. I would recommend a total body weight training routine, Quick 15-25 minutes, every other day.

    It’s better than cardio if you concentrate on your eating, which is just as if not more important. IMNSHO.

  9. Davion2308 said :


    Running covers more ground quicker, so you burn more calories over the same time.

    If you run for 20 minutes and walk for 20 minutes, you’ll burn more calories running.

    If you run for 20 minutes and walk for an hour or more, you’ll burn more walking. It’s about the distance covered.


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