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is it true that people with fast metabolism lose weight without trying?

i heard some people say that they have such a fast metabolism that they lose weight without exercising or trying at all. is this really true? or are they just exaggerating it?
but since they are already skinny and dont have fat and still lose weight wont they lose muscle mass?

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12 Responses to “is it true that people with fast metabolism lose weight without trying?”

  1. darklord155 said :

    It’s true. My lil bro has a naturally higher metabolism than me. I loses weight just by eating alot. I workout but gain muscle faster but gain weight fast. So I have to have a strict diet.

  2. babyx said :

    its true.

  3. Matt J said :

    This is not true. A higher metabolism does make it seem like people do not have to try to lose weight. But normal amounts of physical activity everyday keeps a metabolism high, and some people who have a normal daily routine of running around on a football field have a pretty high calorie burn rate even if theyre not working out with a Bowflex or somthing. I had a slow metabolism but as soon as i got into some school sports it shot up, so i dont have go jogging daily to stay fit.

    Hope i helped.

  4. L said :

    it’s true

    even if they eat alot they will still be skinny doing nothing but it’s bad cause they look really thin when they want to gain weight

  5. Kenzie said :

    ummm. yes!! they just burn a lot of fat while people with slow matabolism’s are kinda paused!!! it sucks!!!

  6. Amy W said :

    I knew a girl who was so thin she looked sickly. She was trying to gain weight, but couldn’t.

  7. MOMO=]♥ said :

    i think its true

  8. me said :

    most of the time yes. my brother, sister, and i basically eat what we want. my brother fluctuated this past summer from 150 lbs to 170 lbs and then back down to about 155 (he’s 6′). my sister stays around 105 (she’s 5’1″ tho) and i am usually 115-125 (5’6″). we don’t really drink hardly any soda or eat junk food that much because my parents didn’t buy that when we were growing up. all we drank was milk, juice, and water. if i want to lose weight, tho, i do try and watch what i eat and maybe exercise.

  9. aunt_webby said :

    its true up to a point…
    I used to have trouble gaining weight when i was younger . ate all sorts of stuff , ice cream, fresh milk, cakes etc .. to gain weight, even took the ” weight gain ” pills but those didnt work.
    at as I age… I cannot seem to get rid of all those extra pinds that i wished I had when i was younger ?
    *sighs ……….

  10. ronich69 said :

    True here…
    I’ve go the metabolism of a rat on crack.
    I munch junk all day long and NO veggies, yet I’m stuck at 175 with NO exercise.
    Please, don’t hate me.

  11. Captain Packrat said :

    My grandfather used to eat like there was no tomorrow, yet he was still skinny as a rail. He was 6’2″ and weighed about 135 pounds. He’d often have 2 or 3 desserts in a day, in addition to 3 meals. It was a running joke in our family that the reason he always carried so much change in his pockets was to keep from being blown away by the wind.

  12. Smart guy said :

    People with a fast metabolism, don’t neccesecerily lose weight. But they sure as heck don’t gain a significent amount of weight. It’s because the food they eat is digested and goes through there system at a fast rate. Their bodies use food as fuel, so it is not stored as fat. They can lose weight easily, but can also put it back on very easily. But they just don’t seem to gain large amounts of weight at once. So they really just exatterate a tiny bit.


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