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I want to lose weight fast and get into shape how do I do it?

What kind of workouts can I do and how many calories and fat should I get a day in order to lose weight? How many sit ups and how long should I exercise? Is walking briskly good enough?

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3 Responses to “I want to lose weight fast and get into shape how do I do it?”

  1. jeepgirl1217 said :

    You need to balance your calories to the type of output (exercise) you’re putting out. Eat a diet high in protein, lower in carbs (you can’t completely cut them out if you’re exercising), low in fat and get in plenty of cardio. Say, jogging for 30 min. a day, and then increasing as your stamina builds up. The trick is a true balance of what you’re putting in (food) and what you’re putting out (exercise). Good luck!

  2. mansionghost said :

    try the Lil Jack exercise program

  3. I have an answer said :

    To lose weight fast you need 3 things:

    1. Focus and effort

    Prepare yourself for your weight loss program.Choose a period of time when you will have no or hardly any disturbances to distract you from your weight loss program.Then tell yourself you will sincerely
    work on it till the very end.During this period you will have to focus on losing as much of your excess body weight as possible.
    (Why is focus and effort so important?
    Most of the weight loss programs, inspite of having the right diet food and the right workouts, fail because of lack of focus and effort.)

    2.The diet right program

    Look for the following in your diet program that you choose:

    *Food that boosts your metabolism.
    *Carbohydrates that fuel your fat burning workouts.
    *The right quantity of protien intake.
    *Low carbs that do not lower your energy levels.
    *Fat destroying and muscle saving foods.

    3.The right workouts

    Your workouts should have the following:

    *Cardios that burn more fat in less time.
    *Workouts that keep working for you burning your fat for hours after you have finished working out
    *Exercises that burn your fat and not destroy your muscle.

    Start off with your weight loss program, hang on to it for a month and see the difference in your weight.

    For more details, diet charts and workouts visit:

    There’s no way you can’t lose weight with this program.


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