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I really want to lose weight about 130 pounds , How can really start to drop the pounds fast.?

How do you start to lose the weight you need to feel better about you body and soul and mind.

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14 Responses to “I really want to lose weight about 130 pounds , How can really start to drop the pounds fast.?”

  1. Estella G said :

    Either your a hippy or just plain weird xD
    With diabetes you can’t lose weight very easily and if you do want to lose weight you need to go to your dietion for a diet plan, or you could have serious problems 🙂

  2. MELISSA said :

    It took you a while to GAIN the 130 pounds, it’s going to take you a while to LOSE it. It’s going to be a lifestyle change. A diet isn’t going to work. You need to educate yourself on nutrition and start exercising. Maybe just the treadmill at first….

    Good Luck, you can do it & you are right, you will feel better body, mind and soul 🙂

  3. Sarah M said :

    Before anything remember to be steady and healthy with this, 130lbs is a lot to lose and may take some time, but if you do it healthily and steadily you will really enjoy the benefits more.

    Exercise is good but dieting is the main thing. Do not starve yourself, but begin replacing all your bad foods with good foods.
    There are countless websites and magazines that will go into lots and lots of detail about what’s good and what’s bad, and what to replace with what. Magazines are great for giving you a boost with motivation!

    You CAN treat yourself every now and then to a bit of cake by the way.

    Never skip a meal, especially breakfast! Try having 5 small meals a day to combat hunger pangs while eating a healthy amount at the same time. Replace snacks like crisps and cream cakes with fruit and nuts – this will be very hard but do your very best.

    DEFINITELYget as much support as possible from your friends and family, they really need to discourage you from buying that bag of crisps between meals or having too much alcohol. They can help you all the way, it will make an unbelievable difference 🙂

    Exercise – there are 3,5000 calories in 1lb of fat. To burn 3,500 calories, you would have to run none stop for around 6-7hrs.
    So going to the gym twice a week will not do anything.
    My advice for exercise is to skip wasting money at the gym and forcing yourself to go every week, and invest in a pair of decent running trainers instead. Go running somewhere nice, or with the dog, in your own time and pace. Go swimming it’s fun, and dance like mad.

    Get all your sleep and don’t be hard on yourself while dieting, remember that this will be one of your greatest achievements ever and your health will be at it’s best, but you deserve a treat every now and then, it won’t suddenly pile the pounds back on.

    Good luck, have fun!

  4. big bloc said :

    Stop the junk food and start walking. I’m loosing 3.3 lbs a week and need to loose 50lbs u wont belive the results try it

  5. Zenab said :

    Pretty Girl !
    Being overweight or obese (especially when the fat is in the abdomen) increases the body’s insulin needs, and losing this extra weight can significantly improve diabetes control. Often the weight loss can eliminate the need for medications altogether. You do not have to lose a huge amount of weight—a 5 percent loss in body weight is sufficient

    the best weight-loss and weight-maintenance results are obtained by structured programs that emphasize a combination of three interventions:

    • A low-calorie balanced diet

    • Behavior modifi cation

    • Increased physical activity

  6. grammy said :

    count carbs you need to cut serving sizes 60 carbs per meal and 15 carbs 2 times a day for snacks. your plate should be 1/3 vegs and fruits1/3 carbs and meats that are the size of a deck of cards.

  7. rgarjr said :

    1. Eat less and eat healthy food

    2. Exercise (walk, run, bike, etc) everyday

  8. Tim R said :

    Smaller meals, especially dinner.

  9. Wan said :

    you can try this

  10. p2o84 said :

    You will need a good support group. Trying to lose 130lbs. will be a long term goal. I know I’m trying to lose around that much myself. Try its a weight loss forum, with a chat room and blogs for members who want them. They are starting a FALL CHALLENGE on Sept. 1st if you want to get in on it. Next try to exercise a few times a week, walking it great. And make small changes in your diet until you are eating fairly healthy. Its hard to do than say but eating less and exercising more always sees results. Also you do have an advantage: when you have alot to lose, usually you will lose alot the first few weeks. Its recommended to lose 1-2 a week.

  11. karen s said :

    Most weight problems are derived from not knowing when to stop and therefore taking in too many claories and fat. That is why gastric bypass has been such a big deal because it makes you control your portions. The problem with that is that there is risky surgery involved and it costs thousands of dollars. I heard of a new product out there that has the same effect as gastric bypass but there is no surgery involved. All it is, is an FDA compliant pill that expands a bit in your stomach filling you a bit so you have better control over your portions. There is a website that will show you exactly how it works. It is only a one minute demonstration video. It is pretty cool if you ask me. The website is below. I actually ordered some to try it myself! Good luck and I wish you all the best!

  12. dieteatingplan said :

    you may feel low self-esteem and even people calling you names because of your weight. The most important thing is to have a long term diet plan that is easy to achieve with normal food that can be easily prepared and obtained. Then you need to set realistic goals and work towards that.

  13. Jim H said :

    Sounds like you might want to have a look at a new online weight loss program I recently found at that helps you lose weight while keeping healthy and looking good and also helps you keep the weight off which is always the tricky bit.

    Hope this helps

  14. villageseoe said :


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