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How can I lose weight really fast? I need to lose 20+ pounds. Workouts are what I need more than diet plans.?

I need workouts that can help me lose weight quickly. Diets are ok, but I’m fairly young and I can’t use my money on weightloss diet pills, acai berry, tea, etc etc. so can u help? I’m planning on working out every day so if you could help me out that would be great! PLZ!!!

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13 Responses to “How can I lose weight really fast? I need to lose 20+ pounds. Workouts are what I need more than diet plans.?”

  1. PhoenixBlaze said :

    My friend said that she lost weight by buying dance workout DVD’s. She thinks it’s a fun way to lose weight. She bought Zumba dance workout DVD’s (Zumba is a type of dance, she also takes Zumba classes at the YMCA), and other dance workout DVD’s. Good luck!

  2. suey.y said :

    You can try buying an exercise ball and doing crunches on it whenever you’re watching TV or something. Working your abs really help because gaining muscle helps your metabolism speed up. Also, don’t eat snacks! just eat meals, it really helps.

  3. Tia Sasha said :

    I agree with phoenix… Zumba is great. My sister is losing weight already since January. Even though I’m not trying to lose weight, I attend the classes because the instructor is amazing and she makes the class so much fun!

    Also, I found this website a while back. It’s a personal trainer who has his own website. It’s He is very nice, respectful, and knowledgable. I would recommend checking it out. It’s amazing what I found on there.

  4. mac said :

    the suey y guy( your second answer) is wrong dont stop eating snacks….you need to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day…but the key word being SMALL!….dont get seconds at desert…and when you have snacks eat fruit or can never eat enough veggies….jog, walk, skate, ride bike, there are all sorts of things you can do to lose weight……just remember that the quicker you lose weight the faster it comes back!

  5. monicayo123 said :

    the best way to lose weight and do it in a fun way is to do some dancing , that helps alot

  6. Sarah B said :


    First, I understand where you’re coming from.
    Here’s what I found out after lots of research and trial and error, the hard way.

    The reality is that there are no shortcuts or easy ways to get in good shape. Sorry, but someone needed to tell you this.
    As long as you get conscious about what you are doing, you will see the results.

    Below you will find the four principles that you need to keep in mind in your weight-loss journey.

    1.Forget About Diets

    People that go from diet to diet never reach a stable weight, let alone a good shape. The reason is quite simple: diets are, by their very nature, temporary. You can’t expect to eat properly for two or three weeks and fix your weight problems for the rest of the year.

    2.Proper Nutrition

    If you want to keep your weight and fat percentage under control, you will need to learn the basics of nutrition. Once you learn them, you will be able to eat healthy throughout the year.

    3.Physical Exercise

    Eating healthy and having a caloric deficit will only take you half the way. The other key factor is physical exercise.

    4.Discipline and Perseverance

    You can start eating healthy and exercising properly, but unless you stick doing it regularly, the results won’t appear (if they do, they won’t last).

    Discipline and perseverance are key here.

    If you want to Lose Weight ,I can recommend you to check out .

    It is a great program that helped me.

  7. Paul said :

    The Scarsdale Diet enables you to lose up to 20 pounds in two weeks, it’s similar to Atkins but healthier and includes some carbs. Check out

  8. mansionghost said :

    try the lil Jack workout
    its fun and easy

  9. Rogelio S said :

    If your not into exercising
    A low carb eating habit has worked for me-
    Cut out the Bread, Rice, Pasta, Dairy(low Fat products are ok)Biscuits and potatoes
    Be sure to eat plenty of Vegies(not potatoe, pumpkin,peas or corn,these are high in carbs)
    Palm size meat portions
    2 peices of fruit per day
    at least 2 litres of water per day
    If you are still hungry eat diet jelly
    It is extremely important to eat your fruit if you intend to exercise..
    Good Luck!

  10. Rylee J said :

    It is not that you have failed in the motivation area its just that u haven’t found the approach that is right for u
    if u eat healthily and by that i mean…8 glasses of water a day….only the occasional treat
    eat pleanty of fruit and vegetable and lean meats like turkey, chicken and fish
    salads etc ull deffo lose the weight by ur special occasion
    make sure u do some cardio…can be anything…walking, cycling, swimming or any sport u enjoy at least 4 times a week
    Don’t fry out foods,,,,boil, steam or bake
    and don’t feel deprived as ull never stick to it so the occasional treat is fine

    Best of luck with it and enjoy ur special night!

  11. Lola said :

    EXERCISE, is key. I would start off with running/jogging every day.
    This will get your blood flowing and boost your metablolism. You will also start to feel better and want to exercise.
    Then try doing some crunches/sit ups this will help build some muscle.
    Bicycling, jump roping, and cleaning(believe it or not) also will help you lose calories.

    EATING HABITS, that’s a major thing people forget about as thier livers progress. As a kid, you were able to eat fast food and chips all the time and not gain much weight. Now that you are getting older your body needs more care. Try eating lean meats or tofu, drinking lots of water, cutting out sodas (They are full of sugar that turns to fat, and no diet soda isn’t okay, it’s worst.), eat fruits and vegtables, and maybe try taking a multi-vitamin or something of the kind.

    SLEEP, is also a contributing factor to weight gain, when you sleep, believe it or not, you lose weight, BUT this does not mean to sleep all day long because that’s bad too.

    EATING, is important, DO NOT starve yourself, it will lead to more problems and few pounds will be lost. You should eat 4-5 SMALL meals a day. This will help boost your immune system.

    SNACKING is bad, but can be good depending on what you choose.
    Pretzels, yogurt, trail mix, protien drink, smoothies, cereal, non-fat milk, fruit, vegtables, salad, and granola bars are just some of the many good snaking foods.

    BREAKFAST, is the most important meal of your day, believe it or not, it’s what starts your metabolism. So, eat breakfast everyday, but make good choices. These include: low-fat milk, juice, water, eggs, lean breakfast meats, waffles (in moderation), etc.

    Hope this helps

  12. Alina said :

    Here is a great diet plan. I like it because it only restricts the kind of foods you eat and not the amount. I tried it and it worked pretty well for me.
    The link is in the source below.

  13. Clarisa P said :

    Okay well if all your going to do is workout then you are going to need more then a hour of workout.Try Starting with intervals of jogging for four minutes and full out sprinting for 30 sec and repeat it for 14 min(make sure you don’t stop).That will work out your legs mainly.For your core(upper legs & abs)do leg raises,squats,stabilizers,superman,crunches,sit-ups,for your back just try to have correct posture,for your arms try push ups & if you want to gain muscle try moderate weight lifting.


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