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What is a really fast way to lose weight without spending money?

!’m in 8th grade and 8th grade promotion is coming up towards the end of May and I am overweight. I’ve already lost almost 15 lbs. but that’s not enough. How can I lose weight really fast w/o surgery, starving myself, or spending extra money? I’m already counting calories and trying to stay under 1,500 calories a day and I work out. What are some good exercises to do? Basically how can I get this weight off ASAP? HELP!!!!

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10 Responses to “What is a really fast way to lose weight without spending money?”

  1. earnhardt_admirer said :

    the atkins diet trust me

  2. special1 said :

    walking is fantastic costs nothing but will power

  3. thqueen2941b said :

    exercise by running or walking

  4. virgaux78 said :

    Walking, walking, walking and throw in portion control, veggies, and water. Lots and lots of water.

  5. tatania said :

    well the best advice i can give u is that dont concentrate on the fact that u are dieting just think u are helping urself by becoming heathy, try consuming as much less sweet as possible & hav plenty of fruits, leave fast food& make sure u dont keep on thinking abt how fast u want to loose, everything that goes fast comes bac also fast!!! i am not a doc but someone who has a lost lot of weight.

  6. babyboofie said :

    healthy breakfast, snack, healthy lunch, snack, dinner, and in between try to drink at least 2 litres of water, or more, try to cut back on carbs and limit sugar, than walk and walk, and walk about 45 mins a day at least and 5 times week, and try to get to gym. do not drink alchol as it does not help in weight loss. and make sure you are not stressed

  7. eddylanappe said :

    Simple, but most people find it hard to do!

    Eat healthy: Vegetable vapour cooked, fruits and drink water instead on any coke.

    Wake up early everyday do some walking, 500m at least. For example at 5am. Make it quick walk not stroll! (You are not cardiac? if yes ask yr doctor advice about sport you can practise. Take a warm shower, and fruits for breakfast.

    Doing this for a month should make you lose weight but you have to be honest to yourself.

  8. candychops1 said :


  9. butwhatdoiknow said :

    run for a few minutes, walk for a few minutes..
    you can sustain this workout for a while becuase you can increase your walking breaks longer if you need to
    good luck

  10. Jae said :

    Try riding the elliptical trainer for 30-40 minutes a day. You will see results within a couple days.


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