I am 230 and i need to lose weight fast, how can i lose weight really fast?

I have a weight problem and everything i do doesnt seem to help.The last diet i went on in one week i lost about 3 pounds. I was also rididng my bike but my step-dad sold my bike, and i dont have the money to get a new bike. I really need to lose the weight. I want to feel good for my boyfriend, he always wants me to sit on his lap but i cant becasue i am afraid i am to heavy for him and he asks me why i dont want to sit on his lap and i am like i am fat i dont want to hurt you and it always turns out into an argument. I want to lose weight this summer to impress him and my class mates. I want to get from about 230 down to at least 150 as soon as possible. i have band camp at the end of july and its 2 weeks till june, but i want to get it done sooner than that so i can impress him even sooner and i can feel good about myself and that i can start to do stuff with him that i always wanted to, i also want to stop getting called fatty all the time at school. it makes me feel bad about me.

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10 Responses to “I am 230 and i need to lose weight fast, how can i lose weight really fast?”

  1. Blackie Bassett said:

    VEEGANISM.. it sucks but I’ve gone from 280 to 245 in two months with nearly NO exersize. at your size if you want to add excersize to that I suggest water arobics

  2. mommyrocks said:

    I am sorry that kids are mean to you, but the truth is THERE IS NO QUICK WAY TO LOOSE WEIGH! Plus if you are in school you would be crazy to take diet pills or herbs. Just exercise and eat right, you do not need a bike to exercise, run, walk, jump rope, and watch what you eat. Good luck!

  3. uiucsmith said:

    first you should want to lose weight for YOURSEF not somebody else and second, the fastest SAFEST way to lose weight is excersizing every day, a well balanced diet and take some vitamins. I did all that p;us took TrimSpa and I lost alot of weight but if you exercize often you can even be lient on what you eat but Id wait till you lose some weight first. good luck 🙂

  4. holygrail Kniggit said:

    do a home diet where u eat no more then 2,00 calories and get a pedometer and walk at least 10.00 steps a day. or go to c a nutritionist and they can make a diet plan 4 u

  5. Andrew B said:

    Stop eating.

  6. Jerri B said:

    take weight training @ school, i did and i lost 10pounds in i dont know how long but it wasnt long so yeah

  7. Heart_Beat said:

    -Cut down: All foods that are white,e.g: Bread,rice, sugars, salt (Oprah’s diet, which worked for her greatly).
    -Increase your excersize: Run more, join a gym..
    -Drink at least 6 glasses of water everyday, helps you to burn fat a lot faster.
    – If you HAVE TO:Consult a doctor on diet pills which don’t affcet nervous system negatively (There’s a drug named:Xenocal, my mother used it and helped her big time,and didn’t have side effects).

  8. bum76 said:

    i was nearly 248 when i started dieting for summer 6 weeks ago my target weight is 215 lbs. by memorial day.
    today i weighed in at 224 so i am almost there…

    i do zero cardio but i keep my daily calories below 2,000
    i keeps carbs below 100 grams per day.

    and i have about 200 grams of protein per day or a pound for every pound of leean mass.

    as for fat i usually have less than 50 grams per day and get most from the olive oil in my dressing and what ever fat slips in with my meat.

    i have 4 protein shakes a day and 3 meals a day in between the protein shakes.


    meal (1) 5 a.m-shake 30 grams of protein 10 grams of carbs 5 grams of fat.

    meal 2)7:30a.m- 2 servings of cottage cheese small cup of pinapple

    meal (3)9:45a.am-shake 30 grams of protein 10 grams of carbs 5 grams of fat.

    meal(4) 12pm-10 ounces of lean turkey rolled in a low carb wrap with a slice of cheese and a bannana

    meal(5) 2:30pm-shake 30 grams of protein 10 grams of carbs 5 grams of fat(this is my preworkout meal)

    meal (6)5:30pm_large salad with either grilled chicken, tuna or salmon..and low fat low carb italian dressing.

    meal (7) 8:30pm-shake 30 grams of protein 10 grams of carbs 5 grams of fat(before bad shake)

    i do no cardio just weights..i do this diet every summer to cut up and drop 40 lbs. in 8 weeks..

    this is my training program

    monday-back, rear delts, traps.
    tuesday_chest,side&front delts ,abs.
    thursday_leg day
    friday bi’s and tri’s

    hope this helps i have been working out for like 16 years and have used this diet for the past 6 summer’s.

  9. mom_of_4 said:

    The only way to do it is to watch everything you eat. A good idea would be to write everything down that you eat and that way you will see what you are really eating in a day. You need to do it honestly though because you are the only one who will be reading it. It does no good to lie to yourself! But you also have to exercise. You don’t need a bike. Just go for a walk.. or some floor exercises. You can do it! You just have to put your mind on it! If you watch what you eat and exercise then you will definitely lose weight!

    Also you can try a fad diet but I guarantee you will gain back every pound you took off the minute you go off the diet. Then you will also gain some extra. So you have to do it the right way!

  10. shepherdofgarrett said:

    First, I would suggest that you get some counseling. If your family is not able to support you in this, go to the school nurse or school counselor. Then I would suggest that you start writing a diary of how you feel each day, what makes you happy, fearful, sad, angry or upset. Along with that, write down your blessings for the day. Then I suggest you join a support group on young people your age to help support you as you make changes in your life to become healthier.

    Now to the issue of losing weight. Once you have dealt with the stresses that are causing you to overeat, you need to make a decision to change the way you eat. There are several food plans and groups out there from weight watchers to Jenny Craig.

    If this isn’t what you want to do, there are plenty of sites on the Internet that you can go to assist you in putting together food plans and to give you tips on appropriate eating.

    This is more than losing weight, it is changing a life style in a way that will allow you to enjoy life and being who you are as a Human Being.

    Best Wishes

    After you have done all of this,


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