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I want to lose weight fast. How can I lose 10 pounds in ten days?

My uncles wedding is coming up. I want to look good for it. But everytime i try to lose weight i lose my motivation. What should I do? I’m a vegatarian too.

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13 Responses to “I want to lose weight fast. How can I lose 10 pounds in ten days?”

  1. Cristi@n said :

    you cant

  2. Rocksey said :

    stop eating

  3. chessmate53 said :

    Lose one pound every day.

  4. Bao Wow said :

    visit your plastic surgeon

  5. Sway 26 said :

    Lots of water, at least 30 min of cardio a day, i dont men walking, i mean some sweating and stuff. Make sure to get some protein in eggs, beans…..

    Also, NO processed carbs

  6. beccahippie said :

    Do not eat after 6pm; do not eat chips, mayonaise, or cheese and do not drink sodas nor milk; and walk 2 miles every day.

  7. Emily said :

    I am sorry that is impossible, try shotting for a simpler goal like 5 pounds in two months. Simply eat in portions and excersize both anerobic and aerobic activity 30 minutes a day, and make sure u sweat for at least 20 minutes of that!

  8. Des Demona said :

    It’s impossible to lose that much weight in that short time. Try an easier goal. You should have started sooner. Eat less, drink lots of water, excercise like crazy – plus it’s not all about the “pounds” it’s also about being toned. Be healthy, don’t try to lose too much weight too fast. It’s not worth it.

  9. Kelli H said :

    Drink a gallon of water EVERY day. It really works. You be in the bathroom about every half hour but it will work… The way I do it is buy a gallon jug of water then fill it everyday that way I know how much I’ve had. You will drop water weight fast and it will keep you full and clear up your skin Just eat small healthy meals (beans, tofu, bean curd) through out the day and snack on carrots or apples. I’m also a vegetarian and it is hard to lose weight for me because I love carbs too much… If your not big on exercising just try to at least do it for 10-20 mins a day just take a quick walk… anything will help. Good Luck 🙂 Don’t try pills… they don’t work.

  10. dukefan86 said :

    Try going vegan, no dairy or eggs, stop using salt and go for low-sodium, low-fat, low-added-sugar foods. Cut out all the extra sodium you can (unless that’s a medical issue for you already and you need the extra sodium).

    Exercise every day too, at least 30 minutes if you’re able.

    Watch portion control, but do make sure you eat enough! You’ll need your strength for the wedding. 🙂 Have fun.

  11. pitterpatter47 said :

    There is a diet called “The Cabbage Soup diet” …That is a real good Starter base diet….If you like cabbage ..being a Vegetarian this should work out great for you … My Mother in law lost 7 pounds in a little over a week…. You eat other stuff too ! It has meals planned out….And it FREE ! Check it out, I think ya may like it …Can’t hurt.. Thank You & Good Luck !

  12. DAZY M said :

    If you are serious about losing weight, the calories
    in the food you eat should be less than the
    energy you use. You will have to increase your
    metabolic rate now, and plan your diet carefully.
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  13. Alexis Rueter said :

    Wow! I am glad I came across this site! Most points I completely agree with and knew about, but some stuff I had not thought about! Thanks!


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