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I need to lose weight fast.Which will work faster?

I really need to lose weight fast I don’t care about the consequences of what will happen after.
Will it work better if I do a protien diet and just eat canned tuna, shrimp,salmon and egg whites
If i go the raw fruits and veggies route.
Also I plan to do 90 minutes of cardio and stretching a day.
I hope to lose a significant amount of weight in a month.
I also plan to take stacker 3.
Which plan will work best?

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4 Responses to “I need to lose weight fast.Which will work faster?”

  1. Antony T said :

    you could try both with plenty of exercise

  2. helpme said :

    raw fruits and veggie diet, i lost like half a pound a day by eating half fruit and veggies and half normal food

  3. The Girl said :

    If you just do one you’re missing out on your daily nutrients. Your best best would be to try both.

  4. FrankieBaby said :

    I would strongly suggest that you do neither. Less food + more exercise = weight loss. LONG TERM. The type of diets you are suggesting are ‘quick fixes’ which will not work effectively anyway. You didn’t mention why you need to loose weight fast, but i’m a supporter of gradual weight loss with a healthy lifestyle as it is effective and lasts.


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