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Does the jacket potatoe diet work fast,i need to lose weight fast my weight keeps going up down like a donkey?

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6 Responses to “Does the jacket potatoe diet work fast,i need to lose weight fast my weight keeps going up down like a donkey?”

  1. jed slade said :

    depends what you have in the jacket,excercise is the thing

  2. npgSymboL said :

    last time i checked potatoes were veru high in carbs :s

    i think you need a protein based diet not a carb one to loose weight

  3. p106_peppy said :


    your weight keeps going up and down because you’re trying fad diets, not long term change.

  4. olivo said :

    Stick to fruit-veg-and fish for 2 weeks, and 10lbs to 1 stone will fall off. Grilled or steamed fresh fish, and tinned sardines & tuna, with salad, for example….and an apple for after. I tried this for 1 month and lost 17lbs.

  5. scott j said :

    Potatos are highly acidic. If you want to lose weight then my advice would be to drink at least 4 litres of water a day to super hydrate. Will flush you through, as most hunger pangs are from dehydration , not hunger. Eat many green products. Vegetables and salad based. Porridge for breakfast or a green vegetable juice/smoothie (juicer/blender). Water soaked almonds to snack on when snacky. Freshly squeezed lemons/limes on everything plus sea salt. Remove all other condiments, they are all highly acidic. Avocados(1-2 per day). Grains such as quinoa and buckwheat. Thats the basics. Good luck!

  6. the body sculptor said :

    The jacket potato diet does not work because eating potato’s is the fastest way to put on weight, if you are going to eat potato’s it’s better to eat sweet potato it doesn’t send your blood sugar levels sky high. Following a proper eating plan will make you lose weight and keep it off.

    What you need to do is eat and exercise right and you’ll no longer worry about your weight gain anymore. Follow my tips and watch your dress sizes start to drop.

    Tip 1.
    If you want to follow a diet I suggest you invest in a G.I diet book, the GI diet is more of a eating plan than a diet, you’ll learn how to plan your meals and what foods to choose for weight loss.

    Tip 2.
    Start doing whole body workouts with dumbbells and barbells this will help increase your metabolism because the leaner your body gets the more calories your body will burn, even when you’re resting.

    Tip 3.
    Do Aerobics (jogging, Walking, Cycling, Skipping) first thing in the morning on a empty stomach, doing exercise on a empty stomach forces your body to use fat and muscle mass for fuel which results in weight loss. This tip is really important so start asap.

    Tip 4.
    Use white kidney bean extract supplement. white kidney bean extract stops your body from absorbing 70% of carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes) these foods are known for making you put on weight. With this supplement you can still enjoy some of your favourite foods and still lose weight, I would reccommend Cheaters or Phase 2.

    Tip 5.
    Increase your vitamin B levels, this is best consumed in a vitamin B complex supplement, studies have shown having low vitamin B is the main cause for a sluggish metabolism and lack of energy, by getting your vitamin B back to normal levels you’ll find your body will start to burn calories more efficiently (you will definately need to take note of this tip due to the fact your weight has been going up and down like a yo-yo)

    you can find great fitness equipment and supplements at


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