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How to lose weight when you have reactive hypoglycemia?

In June of this year I was diagnosed as having reactive hypoglycemia which is borderline diabetic. I need to know how I can lose weight because I am at my heaviest weight. I have been taking walks daily for 30 minutes for the pass few years. I have stopped taking walks as often since my younger brother passed in May of this.

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One Response to “How to lose weight when you have reactive hypoglycemia?”

  1. sbt_seabuckthorn_international said :

    Hey! Good for you for taking charge of your health and exercising. Firstly, any exercise is good, but there’s a lot of data to show that moderate to intense exercise for a minimum of 60 minutes a week (150-180 is ideal) is tremendously beneficial, and in particular, that interval training (alternating between [low and medium], [low and high], or [medium and high] intensity exercise is the best for both fitness and weight loss. This might mean alternating calesthenics with marching on the spot, or alternating walking and jogging (jogging and running), or walking up and down stairs.

    You should discuss a fitness plan with your doctor, to make sure it’s OK.

    Also, there is a recent study that shows portion control with the help of dining plates marked with suggested portions are very effective in aiding weight loss in diabetics.


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