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Is a high protein diet a quick way to lose weight?

I recently got down to 9st4lb from 13st, it took a year and i did it by walking and running around after my baby. I’ve gone upto 9st 10lbs recently but i want to be just under 9st by the beginning of June. I have hit the bar, my exercise isn’t shifting anything at all.
If i cut most carbohydrates out and eat a high protein diet will this help shift stubborn weight? I’ve heard its dangerous so is there a way to make it safer yet still effective?

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8 Responses to “Is a high protein diet a quick way to lose weight?”

  1. hansblix222 said :

    I recently read an article that stated that protein curbs your hunger much better than carbs, which would suggest that the answer to your question is yes. I am no expert, but I have managed to lose more than sixty pounds since last summer.

  2. walter8968 said :

    Eat a high protein diet but don’t cut out carbohydrates completely. Continue to exercise even though you may feel you are not achieving very much. When loosing weight you sometimes hit a “brick wall” which is very discouraging but do soldier on.Don’t forget , even though you are eating the “right food” you can still eat too much of the “right food”.Its a simple equation , “calories in”- “calories out.”

  3. Noella H said :

    Check out this site. They offer a free E-book on weight loss that might be able to help you.

  4. Outspoken but Honest said :

    No that`s something like the Atkins diet which is far from good You would be better going on the low GI diet as you need a certain amount of carbs to function.

  5. doktor smudge said :

    Do not go on a high protein diet, it will make you stink, bung you up and deplete you of essential vitamins and minerals.
    You will also come out in huge zits.

  6. Shanaynay T said :

    Too much protein isn’t good for your body. I suggest following the food pyramid. Extra protein is stored as fat.

  7. Callanetics teacher said :

    The best is to never get on a scale – or to limit it to your yearly checkup at the doctor’s office. In most people the problem is loose flesh, rather than excess weight. Identify your body type, and be more interested in how the body looks than in numbers.

    Don’t forget that if you lose too much weight your skin can become loose. If you want a beautiful body, food in the form of a nourishing, balanced diet is the fuel your body needs, exercising will take care of your shape.

    For healthy eating I recommend Slimming World, and CALLANETICS for the fastest body shaping.

    Just 1 hour of Callanetics exercises has the tightening and lifting value of 24 hours of Aerobics!

    Dropping a dress size (about 6 inches) in 10 hours is almost garanteed, some people lose even more, while their body becomes tight, shapely and powerful. If you are on a weight loss program, every pound you lose will look like two.

    The Callanetics program is wonderful for women for whom weight loss often results in a drawn haggard look in the face. These students can pull in and shape the body without losing weight. Anyone’s body can look half its age no matter the shape or body type.

    Callanetics exercises flatten you tummy by tightening all four sections of the abdominal muscles; eliminate double chins; create a light, firm, long look for your legs without hulking, protruding muscles; tighten inner thighs; round, lift and resculpt the buttocks; erase saddlebags.

    Please check out my profile and contact me for more information. I will answer your questions with my best knowledge based on my professional experience. Agnes

  8. Dion said :

    Try adding some resistance / weight training about 3 times a week. Can be only for 30 or 1 hour each time.

    You might need a bit of training to ensure you are exercising properly – such as the right technique, amount of weight and speed of repetitions.


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