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Anyone taking protein powder in their diet to lose weight?

If so, how is it working? How do you use it in your daily meal planning? I am 60 years old and need to lose weight. I’ve talked with my doctor and we’ve talked at length about exercise and diet. I’m looking for your experience with protein powder.

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15 Responses to “Anyone taking protein powder in their diet to lose weight?”

  1. attackof_themander said :

    I do.
    I have it for breakfast everymorning instead of a meal.

    I use spirateen (spelled something like that) it’s a soy based protein powder.
    But it comes in some forms without sugar…but the unsweetened ones still taste good

    I feel like it helps me start the day on the right foot
    and it really fills me up.

  2. wwwwwasds said :

    protein powder does not help you lose weight. In fact, most are suited for body builders and have very high calorie content. They would be detrimental to your cause.

  3. Miko Nert said :

    Take it, you need to to retain whatever muscle you have built.

  4. tameyourpanda said :

    losing weight is a matter of eating less or equal amounts of calories than your body needs to burn. you dont need to watch what you eat, protein powder is going to make you stronger and help build muscle when you work out, but your body doesnt care what you put it in it as long as it gets the energy it needs.

  5. marissa15_sk8er said :

    i hav taken it and it does work, but only take it two times a day. i tried doing it 4 times and i got very naucios and woozy.
    exercise would work 2

  6. icolbowca said :

    I used it along with my workouts. My experience tells me that it will get old, tasteless and you’ll lose your will to continue the diet. I recommend sticking to a variety of foods that meet your nutritional goals. That way you can mix things up a little and you won’t get bored with the whole thing.

  7. bendozaa said :

    Most definitely! You have to make sure you get the right kind. There is a lot of powders out there with to many different proteins in it. Muscle milk is a good one it works great for me. It has protein plus amino acids and alot of other vitamins in it. Or get one that is 100% whey protien. If you are exercising try to drink one with in the first hour after your work out thats called the golden hour. Then try to drink one for a meal replacement. Eat six small meals per day. Like oatmeal & whole grain toast. then a mid morning snack fruit. than lunch chicken breast sandwich no mayo or low fat no cheese. then a shake try putting flaxseed oil in it. then dinner chicken or fish with veggies lots of water all day. if you exercise in the mornig drink your shake then and have one for your afternoon snack if you work out at night have a shake at after your work out then replace your mid mornig snack with a shake. Hope this is a little helpfull. The vanilla muscle milk taste great in fat free milk. Not so good with water but its ok.

  8. Robert M said :

    There are specific proteins that just offer pure protein and help fill you up, thus helping you lose weight.

    If you want more information I highly suggest you check out the whey protein section of it includes detailed experienced information on how to make a Fitness Nutrition Plan, building muscle, muscle supplements, fitness equipment, and experienced advice about how to manage a balanced diet properly.

  9. inhisgrace00707 said :

    Protien powder alone will not do it. You will be starving your body for other nutrients food can give you. Additionally, drinking too much protien will be stored as fat in the body once the body cannot take anymore.

    Drink a soy protien shake, 8 oz, when you get up and before you go to bed or at least no later than 8pm.

    Cut your meals down. Only eat til you are satisfied and eat slow. It takes 20 minute for your stomach to send a message to the brain that it is satisfied.

    Brisk mall walks – there are groups that do this…

    Resistance training. Use a couple small water bottles, take one in each hand and execise your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back.


    Eat small, healthy snacks throughout the day. Instead of 3 meals, eat 6 small meals. Discuss this with a nutritionist.

    Take it slow. Loosing more than 5 pounds in one month is too much. The skin needs to shrink to the new size, no matter how much you weigh right now. UNLESS you are in fairly good shape to begin with.

    The first thing the body uses as energy when exercising is fat. Especially when stretching to a DVD/Video – I sweat like crazy when I do a slow workout like that. Look for an exercise DVD/Video program that says stretch workout. I left my DVD at someone’s house and cannot call to find out what it is called.

    The local recreation center may have great programs for you. Utilize the assistance from insructors, trainers, or other staff that can give you some information that I certainly have not given you here.

    All the best to you.

    Oh yes, THINK YOUNG if you don’t already!


  10. Christa said :

    i always used protein shakes as a meal replacement. I take kamut which is basically wheatgrass in powder form and its filled with tons of nutrients… anyways it doesnt take so well with orange juice or any kind of juice so I use it in my protein shakes… usually for breakfast. Or i’ll have a small breakfast and then have the shake as a snack.

    I use something called megaplex… the low calorie one. I add soy milk and a bannana plus the green kamut and it takes wonderful!

  11. lv_consultant said :

    yes, they can be beneficial as part of a weight reduction diet.

    you want to use a protein powder that is either casein or contains milk proteins. milk protein is the combination of whey & casein. you don’t want to use straight whey protein protein for weight loss. whey protein causes a spike in the amino acid (AA) concentration in the blood. this spike stimulates muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and has more of an anabolic (muscle building) response. AA levels rise, spike and decline in several hours. casein has a different amino acid profile and is digested and metabolized slower than whey. it provides amino acids over a much longer period of time from 4-5 hours. this slower release of amino acids into the bloodstream has more of an anti-catabolic effect so it is more beneficial when losing body fat AND preserving muscle is the primary goal when on a reduced calorie diet.

  12. Jop J said :

    Check out, they have really informative articles and some awesome reviews of different diets and diet pills.

  13. toothehoop said :

    I disagree with some. Protein shakes can be used for weight loss. If you drink two a day. Once in the morning and one for lunch as a meal replacement and eat a nice balanced dinner then you obviously will be intaking less calories. I would look at a light version like Muscle Milk light.

  14. toothehoop said :

    I get a kick out of those who say “eat 6 small meals a day” What?? Who has the time to do that. Sounds great if I don’t have a job and or sit at a desk for 8 hours and keep a butt load of food with me. Who does that? Eat less calories, eat lean meats, no fried food and candy. Good to go.

  15. Christoper Guillan said :

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