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How is it possible to lose weight on low carb diet and exercise?

To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you eat, but it seems you would have to exercise all day to burn calories if you are on the high cal high fat low carb diet.
I ask this because I lost 30 lbs on the low carb diet with no exercise. Now I am back on low carb and exercising and I’m not losing the weight I did when I went on the diet the first time, but I thought if I added exercise my weight loss would sky rocket.

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6 Responses to “How is it possible to lose weight on low carb diet and exercise?”

  1. mattyboymma said :

    This is a commonly confused thing.

    You see your body burns calories all day long even without exercising, it has to to keep you alive. This is called your Basal Metabolic Rate. For example, a 5’5 woman who weighs 130lbs will burn about 1424.3 calories per day, just sitting.

    So if she ate less than 1424 calories a day, the difference will come from burning the fat. So if she needs 1424 calories per day, and she only eats 1200, then 224 calories will come from burning her excess fat.

    And I think you mean low calorie. No real diet will suggest you eat a high amount of calories

  2. Steve A said :

    To quick things.

    1. A low carb diet is not necessarily a high cal diet. People who meet with the most success on the diet often report that eating fatty foods leaves them feeling more satisfied after a meal and less likely to snack, which means their calorie intake drops.

    2. Another big reason people succeed on low carb diets is many people are very carb intollerant without even realizing it. Their bodies process carbohydrates very inefficiently resulting in lots of water retention & calories stored as bodyfat. The removal of carbs from their diets can result in drastic weight drops as they shed the water they were retaining. They also experience an increase in the amount of calories their metabolism burns when hard-to-process carbs aren’t slowing it down.

    The diets aren’t for everyone as some people do very well with carbs and are better off consuming them than not. Everyone is different.

  3. bjsmith221 said :

    Basically the low carb diet teaches your body to use fats as the predominant fuel for the body. I’m not sure if I’ve heard of the high cal diet though, it would seem counter productive.

  4. AviB said :

    There are tons of misconceptions about carbs. Here is a great article that will help you out…



  5. mansionghost said :

    If you wantto lose wight…..spaceout your meals and dont eat after 6pm….drink plenty of water and do this video every day

  6. Morg said :

    well if you want to add exercising into your weight loss plan this is a good idea that i do and i know it will sound silly but it works
    well i work at an office and after i started doing this everyone Else did too its pretty funny but when i have to take papers to someone or go to the bathroom or leave my chair for any reason i do an exercise all the way to my destination lets say going to the bathroom i do bunny hops all the way there or i do a slow run or squats or lunges etc. get creative and if you do it all day long you will lose a LOT believe me


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