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How to lose weight quickly whether it be healthy or unhealthy.?

I have an emergency and I do need to lose weight fast right now I don’t care if it is unhealthy right now.

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4 Responses to “How to lose weight quickly whether it be healthy or unhealthy.?”

  1. bahagyrl1 said :

    It is best to lose weight the healthy way rather than in an unhealthy fashion where you will tend to either develop eating disorders or damage your body.

    Replace carbs and sugar in your diet with healthy choices (salads, seamed & raw vegetables) Do at least 30 minutes of cardio exercises every day (brisk walks, jump rope, swimming etc) and most importantly dont forget to drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water each day.

    Good luck and keep healthy!

  2. egrn k v;j said :

    maybe a fast? juice or water. its pretty healthy actually and is supposed to give you like spiritual enlightenment and all that.

  3. Blessed said :

    HI Belle,please don’t be irrasional, your health is important.
    Please visit my site,and links page
    You can sign-up for free 10day course,which will show you how to lose weight fast,safe and naturally.

    Stay Focussed!!!

  4. Takfam said :

    There exists emergency diets for people that need to lose up 100lbs. These diets exist so that a morbidly obese person can lose weight for specific medical procedures. But they take a HUGE toll on your body and only are used when the condition is life-threatening anyway. I don’t recommend them and I won’t link any of them. If you’re desperate enough, you can find them.

    Whatever you do: DO NOT TRY TO MAKE ONE ON YOUR OWN! The diets are balanced nutrition despite being a huge shock to the system. If you do it on your own with no plan, you could very well end up in the hospital.


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