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Why Does Everyone Want to Lose Weight QUICKLY all of the time?

I sift through this forum all the time and I am amazed how so many people have a “fat emergency”. So many have to lose the weight now.

Why does everyone have to lose wight so fast?

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7 Responses to “Why Does Everyone Want to Lose Weight QUICKLY all of the time?”

  1. Jethro S said :

    public image, the media.

  2. RALPHIE said :


  3. Mommy1234 said :

    Cause they are sick of being Fat!!!! It’s horrible especially if you live around all the beautiful skinny people…

  4. Brittney J said :

    Because there scared of what people think!
    instead of just wanting to be healthy

  5. Vivian said :

    I think America is finally realizing that they are over weight. Well I hope they do anyways. Plus its kinda a good thing that they want to change their lifestyle for a healthier one. For my age, Its more like adolescence, you care more about what people think about your looks at a certain age.

  6. Vegan_Mom said :

    We live in a society in which skinny = pretty and a society in which instant gratification is the norm which likely started with fast food restaurants. (The irony of the two is quite amusing.) Also, one sees the diet pill and product commercials that all but guarantee instant weight loss. I suppose one could lose weight quickly, but would it be permanently effective and at what cost to their health?

    I didn’t lose my weight overnight, but by caring for myself I have kept it off.

  7. macy said :

    I think that everybody is obsessed with wanting to look like a stick insect like Victoria Beckham, thinking it looks cool


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