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I want to be a donor for my baby’s liver transplant. How can I lose weight quickly to be ready for the surgery

The baby is six months old and has liver cancer. I am a 36 year old fat guy who is in relatively good health other than the weight. I have about three months to lose weight before I am suitable as a donor. I want to save my son’s life but I’m about 40 pounds overweight. I’m working out and dieting pretty strenuously, but I want to do more. Any ideas?

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3 Responses to “I want to be a donor for my baby’s liver transplant. How can I lose weight quickly to be ready for the surgery”

  1. m b said :

    if you are really really desperate, go aneorexic, or ask your wife to donate

  2. joy_angels said :

    I am really sorry for the situation around you! I wish you success from the bottom of my heart! And long, healthy and successful life to your baby!
    It is a little bit frightening to suggest you something in this sitation, but I will try to help you.
    The secret is your body to be under stress lossing weight: it has to be shocked every 2 weeks with new diet and more exercises in order to continue burning.
    Start a diet – any diet you find and like, as many of them are really working. I can suggest you Winter diet as very healthy and made by dietitians.
    Exercise – it can be just walk (5 km per day at the beginning), run, dance,swim
    Change the diet after two weeks – start new one, continuing exercising. The secret is the body not to get used with the particular diet
    Do not give up if you do not lose weight as fast as you want. The body needs time to react.
    www best-fat-burn-strategies com
    You can write me here as well (this is my web site)
    Good luck!

  3. Dave S said :

    40 pounds in three months is quite a task. I would talk to a nutritionist and explain the situation to them. With their supervision you’ll have a better chance of success and be assured you’ll be in good health. You wouldn’t want to go through all of that and then have other health issues that would exclude you from surgery. You certainly have the motivation and I wish you and your son the best.


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