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How do I tell a girl I want her lose weight without hurting her feelings?

It’s a girl I’ve known for a long time, I went for a few years without seeing her and now she’s put on about 60 pounds. I want to help her lose the weight because I know she doesn’t like it. I like the old her as well. Please don’t bother telling me i’m shallow, cause she wants to lose weight too, from what her friends tell me, but she won’t talk to ME about it. How do I start the conversation?

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10 Responses to “How do I tell a girl I want her lose weight without hurting her feelings?”

  1. Carissa xo said :

    Tell her her friends brought up that she doesn’t like her weight, and tell her you have a couple of great ways to help!

  2. ~dorkk :D ~ said :

    you dont…
    wait for her to bring it up.

  3. Clownfish said :

    Tell her you’re going to the gym and ask if she wants to come. Or go out to lunch together and order something healthy.

  4. Cyndi G said :

    Sit her down and tell her first how much you care about her. Tell her you want her to be healthy and with you for a long time. Be there for her. Take her for walks, etc. Don’t judge

  5. C.J said :

    it’s an awkward situation best left undisturbed. if she wants it badly enough, she will lose it on her own. i don’t think she needs you telling her she needs it. that will just make her feel worse. there is no easy way of telling someone that.

  6. GuapoMuchacho said :

    Um, you ARE shallow. Sure, she may want to lose weight but what business is that of yours? Seeing as you haven’t seen her in a few years signals that you guys probably weren’t the best of friends. If her friends (who told you she wanted to lose weight) know about it, then she must be talking to someone about it. If it isn’t you, so be it. Why does she have to talk to YOU about it? Btw, it does seem shallow seeing as the title that YOU “want her lose weight”… Also, that question doesn’t entirely make sense.

  7. sunshineaunt said :

    Try approaching it as your looking for someone to work out with you, but none of your buddies are interested in doing it. See were it takes you. I can honestly say theirs no easy way to approach a woman about her weight without offending her.

  8. English muffin said :

    Dont start a conversation, take her to the pool, or invite her to play ball.

  9. Imaka said :

    Don’t bring it up. Let her do that. Instead be a good example for her. Ask her to walk with you, or if she would like to go to the gym with you. Don’t eat junk food in front of her. Be a support, but don’t push. Leave it up to her. If she really wants to lose weight, and IF SHE wants to discuss it with you, she will. Respect her feelings about this, and wait for her to bring it up.

  10. Kinky_4_Mikey said :

    Maybe her weight gain has to do with a health problem or something. You can’t bring it up but when she does be there for her and motivate her!


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