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How to lose weight FAST and stick to a diet?

I’m thirteen tears old and I weight 120 pounds. People say it’s not that much, but I need to burn belly fat! I have swimming next week and I’m afraid to wear my bathing suit in front of everybody. Also, I’ve tried this before like 3 times and I’m not very good at sticking to a diet, any advice?

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10 Responses to “How to lose weight FAST and stick to a diet?”

  1. Carly said :

    do ab workouts and run everyday! flat stomach so fast!

  2. Hussein said :

    No one can make you stick to a diet SILLY.
    I may give up on diets, THEY ARE WASTE OF MY TIME.

  3. frasier10 said :

    Never diet……just eat right, excercise more!! Don’t deprive your self of the things you love, just don’t over eat!

  4. Smiley Lemonypop said :

    Drink lots of water. It burns the fat. Eat lots of fruit and veggies because that also burns the fat. Try to stop eating junk food. Now remember you have to exercise too!

  5. Kevin Torrence said :

    Do you want to look awesome and be able to stick to your diet without trying very hard?

    The best way I know how to do that is to start eating more “REAL” food as you can and start knocking out the bad “junk” stuff (if you are eating that kinda stuff).

    What’s “REAL” food. It’s meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, oil, water … those kinds of things.

    I’ll be honest, it may be a little hard at first, but if you just stick with it for 3 or 4 weeks (not that long really), you’re body will automatically start wanting to only eat those good foods.

    Then you won’t ever have to try sticking to a diet. Your body will be so happy that you’re giving it all the nutrients that it really needs, that it will automatically tell you when you’re hungry and when you’re full. It’ll keep you from eating too much so it can start using the fat on your body for energy. And that kind of energy makes you feel AWESOME! And your body will start looking awesome too.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Jeremy said :

    Remember that little food pyramid you learned in school? It’s there for a reason. It’s really not hard to stick to either. The only thing is you might want to cut out a few servings of starches. The way starches work is your body burns them for energy. The more starches you’re intaking, the more your body is burning them instead of fat it already has. However, without any starches, your body starts burning proteins (muscle) for energy and that’s unhealthy.

    As far as losing weight, do anything cardio. The biggest mistake most people make is thinking that just because they’re moving, they’re burning a lot of calories. Just a casual walk burns very little calories. You need to be doing something to get your heart rate up. Swimming is GREAT, running, aerobics, bicycling… just about anything that keeps your heart rate up. Elliptical machines are also a very good calorie burner. Once again, I can’t stress enough… keep the heart rate up!

  7. Majkl said :

    Dear Emily B,

    You are 13, no worries what others say, just be yourself. Of course is good to eat more fruits and vegies, drink more watter, have fun with bathing, jogging, smile a lot :-))

    Check this out….

  8. [email protected] said :

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  9. Nadia said :

    Dance,dance… and dance this really help

  10. Suellen Shotts said :

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