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How to lose fat around outer vaginal lips and pubic area?

I’m not overweight (5’3 and 136 lb.)m but my vagina is “fat”. It’s not really a camel toe, it looks a little smaller than nicki minaj’s. I was wondering if there are any exercises to reduce the size?

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2 Responses to “How to lose fat around outer vaginal lips and pubic area?”

  1. gloria o said :

    i think its genetics what you have going on. i don’t think there is nothing you can do about that. unless you didn’t have it before and it got like that after having sex or getting lots of oral sex I’m really not sure what to tell you. but thats what i think.

  2. Robert said :

    Lose 15 to 20 pounds and start running 5 miles a day. The abdominal area and the thighs is where the weight goes on first. You are probably referring to the fat pad on the pubic bone. Niki looks a little overweight.


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