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How to lose fat around the calf area of the leg?

Ok so my quads and every other part of my legs are fine. But when i sit down the fat from my calves kinda hang. Its not that much though.

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2 Responses to “How to lose fat around the calf area of the leg?”

  1. ariella said :

    there’s no surefire way to target fat in specific body areas. people may tell you it’s possible, but really, you just need to lose overall weight to get the problem areas to disappear. try doing more cardio.

  2. Bob G said :

    like the other posters said. you cannot spot reduce. its like removing water from one side of a wide tub. the fat from everywhere else levels off even.

    i know i know, the body doesnt store it even all the way around (belly, butt, thighs or in your case calves) but it will level back off if its somewhere it stores it on you.
    you just have to up the cardio and reduce the intake of carbs and fats.

    good luck.


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