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how can i lose fat around my chest area?

pushups seem to tone the area but what can i do to lose fat faster?

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5 Responses to “how can i lose fat around my chest area?”

  1. Emily Welsh said :


  2. Angelas daughter said :

    If you have a gym nearby, there are machines in which you sit against a cushion and squish these weights together, like from outside to meet in the middle. then you can turn around so your back is against the cushion and pull the weights all the way around to meet in the middle that way,Im not sure what this machine is called but it works really good.

  3. prince1234 said :

    You can only lose total body fat. You can not lose fat in one particular area. Just exercise (run, jog, etc) and I’m sure you will see some results!

  4. healthiacynthia said :

    Also, change your eating habits… take a couple of weeks and decide that you are going to substantially increase the raw, ripe, juicy, organic, fresh fruits and veggies that you consume each day. And drop the dairy, red meat, processed foods (canned, fastfoods, etc.), sugars, white flours, and alcohol. Watch the fat fall away everywhere on your body. The best part is that it will be falling away from your organs (goodbye Fatty Liver!)

    All the best!

  5. rebelde587 said :

    Have you ever heard of a total gym. every time my dad sees he is starting to gain wait in the the upper body he works out on it. It basically just turns all the fat in to muscles.


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