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how to lose weight around the house?

Besides running how can i loose weight quickly but just around the house so i dont have to go to a gym.

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9 Responses to “how to lose weight around the house?”

  1. shyhonney said :

    Oh girl there is so many things you can do around the home to lose weight..Mopping, vaccuming, sweeping, there is always the floor to do the situps, side leg lifts and running in place for 60 seconds.

  2. Brandy said :

    Watch what you eat, clean more, sit ups, push ups, crunches, jump n jacks, lift weights, ect

  3. Azian Rupunzel said :

    Clean! Wipe down windows. Spot clean carpet. Vaccum. Rearrange furniture and then put it back.


    Sit-ups, lunges, wall sits, jumping jacks, jump rope, run in place, push-ups, if you dont have weights then use a gallon of water or something heavy. Watch an exercise video like tai bo or something and do what they do

  4. Chu-Chu Train said :

    well… try drinking lots of fluids…. (no soda and that bad stuff). try limiting what u eat because it is usually the main factor…. eat like only 2 meals a day… and stay out of that fast food!!! trust me… i used to live in Texas…. where it was all big over there, but when i moved to Cali, everything seems far away from where i live…. so i didn’t eat as much fast food as i did in Texas… i lost over 11 pounds just doing so…. okay, other than that… if u have stairs, that would be a good exercise… try some tybo or those exercise videos on the t.v. and work it out!

  5. witchyone8180 said :

    Stop eating full meals, except dinner. Just snack. I know it sounds bad, but after I had my 4th child, I was so busy I just snacked all day long and drank nothing but bottled water and mineral water. I was never hungry and I lost 55 pounds in 1 month. I went from 255 to 200 in 1 month. By the time I went back to work a month later, I had lost 6 sizes and 65 pounds. And don’t forget to walk. Go for a 60+ minute walk everyday. I know it sounds like a lot, but you can do that at the grocery store or Walmart with no problem. A little excersise and a lot of snacking… who’d a thunk it?

  6. H3AvEnS.FaLl.h3rE.<3 said :

    put a cd or dvd of anything you like to lisiten to and start ..running/jogging up and down the stairss..for 15-20 mins each daii.
    – also you could dancee.!! for 1 or 2 hours

  7. jax f said :

    life time wact 5:00 in mornig and they have great exersise

  8. St L said :

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  9. Beauty S said :

    The best way to lose weight is doing exercise.

    The best type of exercise for weight loss is something you ENJOY DOING and are likely to continue doing – not just while losing weight but also as you maintain weight in the long term.

    Your initial fitness goal should be to do 30 minutes of exercise each day. Thereafter, gradually increase this (ideally) to about 60 minutes of exercise per day.

    The best combination of exercise is a mixture of aerobic and weight/strength training (and stretching). Aerobic and weight/strength training exercises both assist weight loss but in different ways.

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