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how can you lose fat quickly around the but/thigh area?

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7 Responses to “how can you lose fat quickly around the but/thigh area?”

  1. san_mateo_guy said:

    squats and start taking the stairs instead of the elevator

  2. in my [mind] said:

    jog twice a day and eat banna s 4 breakfeast

  3. theatarisarelove said:

    Become a treadmill slave and eat healthier!

  4. yums said:

    youll find some great weight loss and exercise programs in this article that will help yoiu

  5. Vanessa T said:

    Try the following exercises:
    1. Squats
    2. Squat Thrusts
    3. Butterfly Kicks
    4. Walking
    5. Running
    6. Bycling
    7. Arobics
    8. And much more

  6. ben k said:

    7 Things you need to know about losing fat

    6 dieting tips to lose weight

  7. Dee25 said:

    Do aerobic boxing type workouts, which focus on this area. It works great for the butt and thighs!


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