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What machine is best in a gym to lose weight around the abdomen area?

I have little weight on my abdomen area but still need to lose some to get a six pack of abs to show. I am just wondering what machines are best to use & how much time, reps etc. are ideal.

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2 Responses to “What machine is best in a gym to lose weight around the abdomen area?”

  1. Khelben said :

    There is no such thing as “spot reduction” meaning if you work one area of your body fat will disappear from that area. You have lower the total body fat in your body. Machines will not really help accomplish that.

    The key to removing the fat on your stomach will be dieting and cardio. You want to do cardio for minimum of 30 minutes because during the first 30 minutes all your doing is burning the quick stored energy your body has on hand. Remember abs are made in the kitchen 80% of weight loss in done through dieting.

    Some quick tips for dieting

    1) Eat whole grain products

    2) Avoid added sugar (cookies, candy, ice cream) Eat fruit as a healthy alternative.

    3) Eat lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey)

  2. greenfern said :

    in the gym if you want to lose weight anywhere, choose the treadmill. there is no way to build nice abs with fat covering your midsection. the abs are there, you just need to uncover them.


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